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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Well this is going to fucking suck.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Well this is going to fucking suck.

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mucha mosaic
So next month, I'm on-call again.
Next month, the housemate is out of town for all save 5 days.
Next month, the housemate would rather I did not drive her brand new car (Which is, frankly, perfectly reasonable).
Next month, I will be on the train every day.
Next month, I will be on call and on the train. Which means I get to lug the laptop to and fro home via public transit all save 5 days of the month.

This is going to be a shitty November. Good thing November has no other cause to be shitty in my book or anything.
  • Oh, much suck - my condolences.

    I suppose renting a car is a bit silly and expensive?
    • and possibly will happen if I'm completely losing my mind by the 20th or so.
      • Actually, for the holiday season it might be a very good idea; the trains don't run so frequently then.

        And there's probably some silly way to claim it on your taxes or some such.
    • There is also http://www.citycarshare.org/crm/

      if you know you'll need or want a car for certain days. Not so good for the on-call part since you needs to make reservations, but for anything you can plan ahead for (parties, visiting the parents, all that) it may come in handy.
  • I think this would be a grea time for you to gt your scooter licence and a scooter, actually.
    • Not enough time to pull it off. :( Besides, I wouldn't want to scooter to-and-fro work. Can you imagine driving to work at 40mph, in this weather???
    • OhmiMOD

      250cc and higher ARE highway legal, and I had a friend who used to drive it over the GG Bridge almost daily.

      • Re: OhmiMOD

        A: Scooter, not motorcycle.
        B: Mountain View, not Salinas.
        C: it's rained 3 inches in the last two days.
        D: I have never driven a scooter before.
    • ...point; that's why I didn't get a motorcycle for the commute, among other reasons.
  • It might be worth it to consider renting a car for select periods of time.
  • (no subject) -
    • My 2ndary and I were already talking about perhaps trading days around just to stay sane: a full month is more than I can really hack, and you and I both know it.
      • We have some great taxi services around here too don't forget!
        • True, and I often wind up cabbing it to the train. Taxi from home to work is a longer taxi ride than I can afford.
          Work, you see, is in Mountain View. :)
  • Ugh, that does really suck. I've taken the train a bit recently down here when staying @ the SO's place. The train part is fine -- it's the lugging of the crap to and from the train that gets to me. And in this shitty weather, ugh. Is there any chance of carpooling/ridesharing?
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