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cell phone data

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

cell phone data

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mucha mosaic
For those of you who have been considering the Sidekick II phone, using T-Mobile service, as I have been:

Amazon has it on rebate and discount and so on such that the device, itself, winds up costing about $25. This sale ends today. Monthly service fees are about $50, as the device requires a bit more than a mere cell phone requires.
  • we loooves the sidekick II
    • We loves the $25 celphone that actually has reception in our house, we does.
  • And for those of you who live in SF, and don't wanna wait for mail in rebates (is that still how Amazon does it?), I have a hookup and can do them for about $160. Which, yes, is nowhere near $25, but just throwing another option out there.
    • Who knows, since $25 is not allowed to happen after all.
      Stupid T-Mobile.
      • Well, it's stupid Amazon not playing nice with T-Mobile all the time, but yeah.

        Anyway, lemmeno, and we can hit up my old store for one. I've been carrying one since the week they came out, more or less, and loving it.

        My friends get a commission, and I get $25 off my phone bill for each person I bring in.
        • If my anger with this bullshit subsides enough I'll consider letting T-Mobile have any of my money this side of the grave, I'll let you know. :)
  • Is that $25 if one signs up for a new account as well?
    • $25 for the item itself; there's a $35 fee for startup, and a $50/mo minimum charge for the service.
      Today is the last day of this little special: ask merlinofchaos as I believe he's been followin' it better'n I.
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