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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
I can think of a group of things that merit a street festival.
It's a big set.
We could have a three day street festival, celebrate a different thing on each of those seventy-two hours, and at the end, there'd still be more things that Jude Law doesn't do for me.
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    • It's not just that Jude Law doesn't do it for me.
      it's that there's a LOT of things Jude Law doesn't do for me.
      • Huh? I think I'm still confused.
        • If I understand right

          There is much the dig on for how Jude Law is OMG teh hawt s3xx0rz.

          colubra finds him very much not the hot sexxors.

          • Re: If I understand right

            Oh, I got that part. I just can't figure out the connection to street festivals.
            • Re: If I understand right

              it's the amount of street fairs that San Francisco has, each with a different theme. He's saying (I think) that even you had a Jude Law in every possible fetish/theme that he still wouldn't be attractive.

              Jude Law, like some other boy I can't remember the name of is the type that straight think are far to pretty and that women and gay men go 'eh'.

              • Re: If I understand right

                I know some women who are all with the "!!!" over him. I think he's cute but not OMG must have!

                • Re: If I understand right

                  I'm going to have to second Indigo on this one.
                  • fan - not fangirl

                    I like him because he's got class and elegance (or at least acts like it), which most people in Hollywood don't, male or female. He's also very good-looking in a sort of old-fashioned way. I've just always loved his work - I'll see a movie he's in just because he's in it, because he hasn't disappointed me yet. He's sort of like a male Gwyneth. Just uncommonly good/sophisticated/pretty.
                    • Re: fan - not fangirl

                      He's a very talented actor, I'd agree, without doubt. He's good looking in a 'I don't find him sexy' kind of way.
                      Also, look at his eyes and eyebrows for a while- then look at a closeup of Ewan McGregor...
                      ...and you never DO see them in the same movies, DO you...
                      • pretty - not sexy

                        Supposedly they used to be roommates...
                        ::gasp:: It's just a cover!
  • Pardon me, I'm just going to sit here and stare at that icon for the next three hours.
    • You do remember how to give fellatio, don't you, Jonny?
      You just put your lips together, and blow...
    • Pity he's not into fellatio, though I'd bet that's because he's never been given a good round.
      • Yep, he's not.

        And he's been engaged for 2 years, too.
        • Re: Yep, he's not.

          Nope. He's not engaged anymore.
          • Re: Yep, he's not.

            Eeh- my point was more that he wouldn't have announced this to the world. Being known as queer in Hollywood is something like saying 'I wish to never play a lead role in my life'.
            Ask Rob Lowe (who's out as bi) or Dan Bucatinsky.
    • LOL, he is SOOOO not Jude Law.
    • For some reason word association took over and I went on a quest to find out what ever happened to Jonathan Brandis, who played the Wesleyesque kid on Sea Quest way back when.

      Turns out he hanged himself last November.

      Go figure.

      • Well, playing ____ on Sea Quest could be qualified as a reason to hang yourself, couldn't it?
        Unless of course you're Roy Scheider.
  • Amen.
  • Jude Law, he of a bajillion movies all at once!!`2oneone
    The man's got a nice smile but I'm ducking my head and ignoring the fangirl pileup.
  • Jude Law is the poor man's Ewan McGregor. Who you know they REALLY wanted for "Alfie" but he was on his cute little motor cycle trip. ALthough the way Alfie looks it's probably better that he wasn't in it.
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