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How did this not suck???

Thing that surprisingly didn't suck #1:
The trailers for Earthsea on the SciFi channel. Watched the both of 'em- the second one is a bit longer- you can find them on scifi.com, pull down on the 'forthcoming releases' to 'Earthsea', then go to 'Downloads' in that subsite. Other than the fact that everybody in the ads is white enough to compare teeth to (and thanks to ataniell93 for noticing that), the look-and-feel of the piece seems... solidly right. I have much higher hopes for this piece of work.

Thing that didn't suck #2:
Finally decided to download the 'Waiting For a Want' EP by Rufus Wainwright. Good stuff- just about enough to keep me sane waiting for the new album.

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