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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Straight people are confusing.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Straight people are confusing.

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mucha mosaic
Why is this picture a good thing to put in one's profile on a dating service?
And yet, that is where it was found.
the Fuck.
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    • yeah, I figured that too, but even though the intended message is not 'I drown small children recreationally', is 'I appear regularly in swimsuits with small children' a particularly arousing image?
      • Heck, I figured the picture was saying "Here I am, teaching my children to swim." I'm assuming the lady is a single mother and says so in her profile. In which case, this picture makes a great way of weeding out replies from guys who aren't ready to date a woman with kids. If the guy replies after seeing that, he's got strong potential.

        In other words, I see nothing wrong with the picture. (Granted, I wouldn't respond to the woman depicted... but I'm one of those guys who isn't interested in dating someone with kids. And I know it.)
  • just advertising her munchhausen byproxy!
  • The real answer

    That photo says "Unlike all the women who have close-up shots of their face at weird angles in order to hide their chins and jowls, I am not a boat-hipped pig, so buy ME dinner, have enthusiastic but tedious with ME then marry ME at some halfwit catering hall and fill ME with your sperm so that WE might have babies."
    • Re: The real answer

      I am forced to quote John Waters, because it's all I can think of:
      The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life.
  • Huhwhattheyeesh. I think that's the most eye-crossing thing I've seen all week. And that's probably saying something.
  • Let me translate:

    "I look damn good, even when I'm paying attention to something else and not sucking it in. I am the kind of impractical girl who wears sunglasses in the pool. But most of all, I LIKE CHILDREN. I WILL DEVOTE ALL MY POWERS TO BEARING AND RAISING UP YOUR OFFSPRING."

    Chilling, at least for those of us who is playaz in this particular game.
    • ...

      you people just have your own little language, don't you.
    • It would seem that way, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, there number of distinctly different (and utterly incompatible) dialects is roughly equal to number of straight people on the planet +1.
    • I suppose so.

      The odd thing about this is that this message is generally not attractive to men - but it doesn't matter, she's allowed to say it anyway.
  • this has nothing to do with this entry

    Okay, a bunch of SF NET people on your list.

    Maybe you DID know me...in 1994? If that's the case, I think I know who you are. And yes, 1994 was NOT a truth year for me. ~/laugh/~
    • Re: this has nothing to do with this entry

      We met slightly earlier than '94, but I did indeed know you then.
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