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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
Is there no CD of the album 'Night Full of Tension' by one Robert Gorl anywhere on the planet?
It's Euro-pop, mid-80s.
Oh, it features a Ms. Lennox on backing vocals.
Yet I cannot find this album.
  • The only CD version of it I can find was released by Mute in 1996.


    I can only find a Robert Gorl 7" on their site, but perhaps if you call them (or have someone in London call them) you could find out more.
    • I just realized that amazon.co.uk does used orders, duhr, after having gone through record swaps all over London looking for it. Well, I'll pay through the nose for it...
      It's a Lennox completist thing.
  • No, sorry, universe hates you.
  • said the boy... make it so... I am downloading this right now... email me (addy on info) if you want to do a file upload from me

  • I saw your reply that you posted and deleted with the info I want. Sneaky!

    How do you want to make payment arrangements? PayPal? Check?
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