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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

not a bad start.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

not a bad start.

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mucha mosaic
Much Nightmare Before Christmas goodies at Hot Topic. I feel torn. On the one hand eew, Hot Topic. On the other hand... bedsheets? An iPod case? FUZZY DICE with Jack's head as the pips???
Shit, it's a tough call.

Louise Wener's second novel, The Perfect Play, is a little less enjoyable than the album Sleeper did, titled The It Girl, when she was still trying to be a pop star. However, it's more enjoyable than many other people's novels.

In other news, they had raspberry scones at the cafe at work this morning.
  • wow. i don't think that i have ever seen someone use the word "pips" before. kudos to you, per usual, colubra!
    • I've only seen it in context of the markings on dice, or in the context of someone british talking about the hard things she found in the center of a wedge of orange. It's an awfully limited-use word.
    • yes, yes, it is. that's why i had to salute you on your use of a rather archaic word. it always makes me happy to see someone brush the dust off of the forgotten pages of the dictionary.
    • I believe you can also use it to refer to very specific sorts of military decorations, as in 'rank pips'.
      • That is, in fact, true. "Rank pips" is a correct usage of the word.

        On another note:


        Bweeh! This causes the STUFF LUST!
      • I mourn.

        For nakedtiny and I are going to have to buy a king-sized bed.


        I'll, er. I'll get them for my son's room. YEAH.


        That's the ticket!
        • figgered it made sense to give you a heads-up on the bed size stuff. There's a comforter also- but queen or twin, again.
          I think there are pillowcases...?
      • No! You are wrong! They also come in full, which fits the futon!
        • Oh good, I am glad I am wrong.
          • *dance*

            I have joy for this.

            Now I stare in lust at the various bathroom-related stuff, which goes with the master bath's theme of "spiders."

            In that way that it doesn't entirely, but it does, honestly.
  • I just don't get it...

    ...from what I gathered, Hot Topic is considered a mainstream hellish company co-opting the goth/punk/whatever subculture and is therefore lame etc.

    But if the stuff they have is good and funny and doesn't have a huge Hot Topic logo on it, what's so wrong about getting it?
    • My thoughts on the matter, anyways...

      American culture is weird about 'counter-culture' stuff. If it's counter-culture, then you're not supposed to be getting it from somewhere that's in the mall.
      Yes, I agree, it's bollocks.
  • It seems to be a raspberry scones kind of day. At least Collin will be happy.
  • I've heard so much about that movie lately, that I started looking for it. I couldn't find it until the other day, watching Disney Channel (Latin America), I saw they will be showing it next Saturday. 11 years later after its release, I finally get to see it.

    No wonder no one knew which movie I was talking about. The title "Nightmare Before Christmas" was translated as "Jack's Strange World".

    About scones... I saw that word twice today. *grin* I googled for the meaning and images since the translator didn't know what it was and I was left with the image of some sweet bread which seems kind of messy to eat. Like an english muffin sandwich with whipped cream and jam?
    • d'you know shortbread? A scone is sort of midway between shortbread and pastry: it's just a triangular slab of shortbread done a bit fluffy. Often they're done with things mixed into the batter (like raspberries, or currants, or blueberries, or chocolate chips).
  • They do have some lovely stuff. I think you should re-do the bathroom with the shower curtain and drawer pulls, myself.
  • Must try not to covet fuzzy dice...
  • (no subject) -
    • You're quite welcome! I had completely forgotten your birthday, went to your wishlist, and went 'oooh, here's a movie I love. Sounds a good idea.' ;)
      and since I had forgotten to say thank you for MY present- thank you, very much!
      • (no subject) -
        • Mine has 'Fisher King' on it, which I still have not yet bought. For some damn reason.
          That really should get addressed at some point- I honestly love that movie.
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