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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Silly quiz.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Silly quiz.

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mucha mosaic
Current Dress: Cirque du Soleil tour shirt, The Bear Pyjamas, The Gargoyle Slippers.
Current Makeup: about 80% water, various additives
Current Mood: distracted
Current Music: Lord of the Rings- the two towers (soundtrack)
Current Taste: Sapporo
Current Hair: short
Current Annoyance: telling the same people the same shit every other week and having them be completely fucking in the dark as to it.
Current Smell: Cool Water
Current thing I ought to be doing: probably sleeping
Current Favorite Artist: Kate Bush
Current Favorite Group: Gawd; I'm just not much of a group person.
Current CD in Stereo: ...is playing my Current Music
Current DVD In Player: not sure- probably Sleepers (housemate was watching it)
Current Color Of Toenails: uh, toenaily.
Current Worry: *shrug*
Current Crush: *shrug*

_ LOVE...

boyfriend/girlfriend - Complicated answer.
longest relationship - 8 months
shortest relationship - about a month
been in love w/ more than one person? - yes
sweetest thing a guy/girl has done for you? - Sorry, no.
meanest thing a guy/girl has done for you? - Still within statute of limitations.
ever broke someone's heart?- Yes. This was after a few polite 'no's, a few blunt 'no's, and a few 'please go away's.
someone break your heart?- yes.


You Talked to: lyricagent
You Hugged: Uhm... housemate's mom, I think
Instant messaged: loveandprozak (in fact, I'm tardy answering right now)
You Yelled At: evil cow orker
Who Broke Your Heart: K


Food: sushi
Drink: red wine
Color: indigo-black
Album: Too many to pick: currently, 'The Hounds Of Love'
Shoes: vanished in 1988, never to be seen again.
Candy: Pocky
TV Show: Invader Zim
Movie: At the moment, Brazil
Dance: one I can sit out.
Veggie: broccoli
Fruit: kiwi

_ ARE YOU...

Understanding: with research.
Open-minded: yes, but I'm also always right.
Arrogant: see above
Insecure: Sometimes.
Interesting: Not in my opinion
Hungry: hmn. Actually, yes, a little.
Friendly: in that whole 'friendly fire' sense, sure.
Smart: extremely
Moody: oh, sometimes.
Independent: as much as I can be, not as much as I would like to be.
Hard working: sometimes
Organized: ahahahahahahahahaahno
Healthy: mostly
Emotionally Stable: No, not really
Difficult: can be
Attractive: *waving hand*
Bored Easily: Am I answering this survey? I am? Gee. What do YOU think, genius.
Messy: yes
Thirsty: no
Responsible: typically
Obsessed: with some things
Angry: on occasion
Sad: see above
Happy: see above
Trusting: hope for the best, expect the worst. You could be Kafka, or Patty Hearst.
Ill: not at the moment
Talkative: sometimes
Legal: for years now
Original: I think I was the first one, yes
Different: somewhat
Content: not at present
Deep thinker: yes
Self-disciplined: sometimes
Sleepy: nope
Lonely: not exactly at the moment


Kill: Ronald Fucking Wilson Fucking Reagan. In 1979.
Get Really Drunk With: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Wait, that's 'who do you want to get really drunk'.
Look Like: someone who is actually attractive.
Be Like: barney
Talk To: someone who no longer has a voice.
MSN Name: letsplayhideandgofuckyourself@hotmail.com
AIM name: No.
Buddy Icon: No.
Quilt Cover: None: however, the comforter has this delightful golden rococo brocade.
Carpet: black oriental rug
Walls: white
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