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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

No debate here: Bush just sucks.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

No debate here: Bush just sucks.

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mucha mosaic
The gentleman in the icon on this post is Eddie Izzard. Eddie has a strange sense of humor- Eddie is also good at noticing the difference between what people say makes sense and the convoluted bullshit they do. In this particular costume, Mr. Izzard is functioning in his role as

who distributes clues to good daft boys and girls.

Since people are watching the stupid debates, and probably going off about how candidate A or B is stupider than Candidate B or A, I thought I'd chime in a bit.
May I present a bit of culling from my own LJ and a few friends', a group of memories I call
The Case Against George Walker Bush.

Included are such debacles as:
-my horrified reaction to the 'Defense of Marriage Week' kicking off on the day that Matthew Shepard got killed for being gay
-the curious synchronicity between Wesley Clark saying he'd've caught bin Laden (on Dec. 17 2003) and the 'capture' of Saddam Hussein (on Dec. 18, 2003)
-my confusion about the relationship between the capture of Hussein and the liberation of Iraq
-My reaction to reading a Salon article in which GWB apparently asked a reporter 'who cares what you think?'
-The beginnings of the Republican campaign to kneecap Kerry, in case you'd forgotten
-curiousity about the relationship between the Achille Lauro hijacking and the sudden death of the fellow who masterminded it, when speculation started suggesting that Mossad may have financed the Achile Lauro hijacking
-the empowerment of small men with small minds to seize personal property as 'terroristic', because it has a woman with big tits on the cover
-a bit of disgust at the declared war on same-sex marriage

And outside of this list?
there's plenty more. Go to the damn URL that Cheney pointed you to and read the blog of George Soros, self-made millionaire and drug-lord, according to Cheney.

There are so many reasons to vote for a real president.

Went to see Dr. Strangelove night before last. Jesus Christ thank God that these people don't have the bomb. If Jack D. Ripper George W. Bush were up against the Soviet Union?
We'd all be dead. D E A D, every last one of us.
  • There are so many reasons to vote for a real president.

    Are you suggesting that there's a real candidate on the ballot?

    < ramble>
    I had lunch with my mom last week and was surprised by her reaction to the first debate. She's a Republican, albeit a liberal Republican, who voted for Dubya. I confess that I'd been playing ostrich regarding the debates. After seeing all of the ads and sound bites of Bush and Kerry and their "he said" "he said," the sand seemed a damn fine place for my head to reside. Mom said that Dubya was a moron and that Kerry came off very well.

    I'd like to say it gave me more faith in Kerry to hear that but whenever I see Kerry on TV, I just keep thinking of the times I said "Anyone but Bush." Kerry seems to exemplify "be careful what you ask for."

    < /ramble>
    • I've noticed there's somebody on the ballot whose tactics in dealing with difficult questions is neither 'LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LAAAA' or the invocation of his dead mommy World Trade Center employees. That is a valid candidate, in my eyes. Far more so than Georgie-Porgie, anyways.
      I think I would rather vote for the octopus, myself.
      • I think I would rather vote for the octopus, myself.

        Clinton's running again?
        • let's see.
          Worst crime of Clinton: lied about being a horny lech with the loyalty instinct of an ecstasy-crazed bonobo.

          Worst crime of GWB: lied about weapons of mass destruction, so he could start building a 1000-and-growing pile of bodies as a monument to those killed in 9/11.

          Yeah, I'd definitely vote for Clinton again.
    • Regarding the monument, my head is going right back in the sand. The very first time, and every time since, GWB said he was devoting "all of our nation's resources" to fighting terrorism, I knew he meant my teenage sons. *shudder*

      As to Clinton, "Make Love, Not War" works for me.
    • Worst crime of Clinton: lied about being a horny lech with the loyalty instinct of an ecstasy-crazed bonobo.

      Well, there was the little matter of Hughes Electronics, campaign contributions and the illegal transfer of satellite technology to China,

      But why bring up that boring stuff when we can talk about blowjobs in the Oval Office?
      • lord knows that blowjobs in the Oval Office was the only thing that the screaming chimps in Congress brought up about him.
        • That Congress is full of morons should surprise no one.

          Technically, Clinton was impeached for perjury (lying under oath during his grand jury testimony) and subornation of perjury (asking people to lie under oath for him).
  • I agree.

    Have a sketch.
  • I used to love Being There. It was really funny until I saw what having Chance the Gardner in charge really means.

    Okay. That isn't fair. Chance is a loveable and innocently clueless person with a low IQ. Comparing Bush to him insults a fictional character to which I'm rather attatched. Still it's really not funny anymore.
  • Off-topic...

    Did you check on that software for me?
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