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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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Well, it's a good nightstand lamp. It's an abysmal reading lamp, though.
And considering how many little phalanges and wingtips and such broke off it in shipping I do wish Jack's open and extended hand wasn't pointed at the bed.
Mneh. I may well have to move the bed and put the lamp-and-nightstand on the other side, just on the concern of not breaking more stuff off the lamp, and move the prior reading lamp onto the desk, so that one can read in bed.
  • Your icon. Bloody lovely hell.
    • thankyou

      cheerily snagged off a user of a community you and I both belong to, that.
      Seemed a good image for disappointment.
      • Re: thankyou

        I'm sorry about your lamp, though.

        I broke my cell phone and I'm still smarting over it.
        • Re: thankyou

          Eeh, this is my life: I couldn't spend nearly $200 and a few hours of irritation with Disney customer support to actually get something that was what I expected it to be, without fate having decided to have it in for me a bit less.
  • Who is that in the LJ icon? at first glance I thought Gregroy SMith but then I dismissed that idea. He's too young to be that guy ... I think.
    • This is Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, also known as 'colubra's future ex-husband'.
      • I'd do him .... but what is the edicut on that? DO I do him before he is yoru husband or after he is your ex?
        • Either would be fine: I accept that I won't be able to keep him.
          You can see him in the forthcoming Alexander film, by the by.
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