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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

halfinched offa lux

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

halfinched offa lux

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ta cheers thanks a lot
Pick three of your icons and explain the significance of each. Pick ones that aren't obvious in their meaning; feel free to go off on tangents, let your head spin and your fingers type. Of course, if all of your icons are obvious in their meaning, then this meme is obviously not for you.

This image is for irritation. It's one of the first icons I made myself (for welcomerain, who didn't seem to actually want it). It seems to quite successfully convey a teeth-gritting irritation, which I didn't plan that it would. These are dentures- they are from a National Geographic article on Lichtenstein, from the late 70s (did you know that the #1 product of Lichtenstein is dental hardware? Well, you do, now).

Nutria Alley (which used to be in New York, and is smack-dab-in-the-middle of this graphic) no longer exists. This one is meant to signify digging things up that have fallen off the map; it seems that the icon generally gets used for things off-the-beaten-path which I know, which is another sense it works well for.

It pleases me to no end to have a cute widdwe vampiwe bat to use for posts where I feel especially cosy, at home, &c. If you dig through my memories you can find out a bit more about this little beastie's story- it's actually quite an impressive tale.
  • Nutria Alley? Oh! I always thought this one was supposed to focus on "Gothic Alley", and so wondered why you didn't always (or even "often") seem to use it for gothic stuff.
    • Hee.
      Actually, it was supposed to focus on Gothic Alley, which was where I imagined Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith hanging out, in JK Rowlings' storyworld. I have hung onto it for the sub rosa nature of that reference though: you are, in fact, the only person who's picked that out of it without me telling them to.
    • Actually, I always thought the focus was supposed to be Gothic Alley too. (Though, of course, my favorite icon is the cute widdle vampire bat. *grin*)
      • It's so appropriate they were next to each other, since nutria are giant rats.

        My favorate is the clue faerie. Although I'm very fond of your bat and a number of the others.
    • It always seemed very apropos that it had Nutria and Gothic on it.
  • I am eternally grateful that you made me an icon, but TEETH freak me out.
    • Had I known I'd've made you a different one: after all, I still have the favor to return (for those of you who aren't welcomerain or I, see above: she did this, and did it verrahnahs, too)!
      If I find a good pirate somewhere I will let you know: the icon in question IS kinda scary. ;)
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