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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

The word of the day is 'canonfuckery'.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

The word of the day is 'canonfuckery'.

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mucha mosaic
1. act, or acts, which brutally screw with the canon of a particular work of fiction. The fanfic 'Severus Snape and the Fantastic Hair Salon' would qualify; so would 'Boromir and Legolas Live Happily Ever After'.

Please propagate this term as broadly as you deem fitting.
  • It just makes me think of having sex with cannons...
    • ... or with canons. You know, Catholic or Anglican priests who are attached to cathedrals rather than parishes.
      • But how exactly are they attached to cathedrals?


        Bricked into the walls?
        • Bricked into the walls?

          "For the love of God, Monsignor!" *jingle jingle*
          • Bwhahahahaaaa!*THUD*

            *goes to glue arse back on*
            • Yeah, but the floors of those Cathedrals are so hard and cold, so make sure you use the robes as padding for your knees.
  • Hmmmm I have spent the last few days re-discovering some Fan Fiction and even branching out into some FF areas that I have previously avoided due to excessive romantic content that made me want to retch all overmyslef then lick it off.
  • Bwaha. In the spirit of fanfic, I hearby create the slang-shortening version, "canfuck," an adjective which can be used to confuse anyone not familiar with this term. i.e. "He's such a total canfuck. He writes the worst canfuck I've ever read."
  • *riotous laughter*

    This is why I ignore fanfic. Obsessively.
  • Bwahahaha.

    I would like to take this moment to announce that I have now started work on a 24 chapter epic entitled "Severus Snape and the Fantastic Hair Salon".

    Just wait 'till chapter 12, when Gilderoy Lockhart regains his memories and finds out what Snape's been up to. He'll be sooo pissed. :)

    • the magic words

      *waves wand*

      "Tonsorius Fabuloso!"

      • Re: the magic words

        It's amusing seeing this from someone who's 'name' on LJ is 'The Data Stylist'.
      • Re: the magic words

        See, he doesn't write loops, so much as schwings.
      • Re: the magic words

        "whose." Lest ye forget with whom ye deal.
        • Re: the magic words

          Whose is apparently my blindspot. who's = 'who is'; whose = 'of whom'? Just to see if I can cement this down in my skull a bit better.
          • Re: the magic words

            I find it useful to regard this as just one more example of possessive pronouns, which never have apostrophes:

            mine, my

            The fact that you don't know for whom the "who" stands ... well, that matters not. It's a pronoun.

    • Phff. S'been done.

      Only it wasn't a 24-chapter epic and Lockhart wasn't pissed. There was, however, shaggage.

      The REALLY worrying part was, I was NOT actually clawing my eyeballs out after I read this.

      Or even most of the others here.

      Which probably Just Goes To Show. I really AM the sort of person my parents used to warn me about.
      • Why, oh WHY did I read that?

        I guess I need to be reminded why I don't read fan-fic every once in a while.
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