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May I just enquire

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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May I just enquire

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scared of you.
where the FUCK you people were 13 years ago?

Okay, a bit of 'too little too late' griping done with, I hope, I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope.
  • WOW!

    most of the male students i went to school with either lost their battle with it or are currently battling it.

    i REALLY hope too!
  • I love the condescending attitude western scientists seem to be taking toward this doctor. Right, like everyone who ever made a fantastic medical breakthrough always did a formal study under the strictest laboratory conditions. *snort* Their first reaction shouldn't be "You shouldn't have published that!" but "Oh my god! We've got to see if we can duplicate this!"
    • The first step towards coming up with something that is reproduceable by others is doing it under circumstances that can be reproduced, which I suspect is where the wariness is coming from.

      It really is only a matter of time before we find a way to combat it, however. If this is a step further on that path, then yay!
      • By that argument, no one should ever attempt to make a medical breaththrough unless they first have the proper laboratory conditions and procedures. (Historically, many important findings were discovered under less than perfect conditions.)

        Given the fact that the situation in Africa is desperate and that they're not likely to get more Western funding anytime soon, I think the doctor was correct not to wait.

        Not trying trying to start a flamewar -- just wanted to respond this once. :)
        • I'm not saying that folks who can't or won't get the Big Bucks funding to build state of the art labs shouldn't be trying to advance science (because that would be silly), just that they can't be all huffy if people who have no possible way of reproducing the circumstances of their research (such as, in this case, human trials without getting through all the red tape that leads up to them) for not immediately jumping on the bandwagon. :)

          And yes, definitely not looking for a flamewar. And definitely still an amateur scientist, but the stuff I read there doesn't really look reliably reproducible, which is probably a bigger reason why there aren't more money operations going 'woah, we gotta try that!'. :)
  • >> To test the preventive vaccine, he says he inoculated himself before injecting himself with HIV-positive blood on six separate occasions. <<

    Now there's determination for you. o.O
  • Wow. crossing fingers Oh please oh please oh please...
  • Interesting!

    I'll quite happily be the token white-coat and wade through the paper (maybe tomorrow if work gets that journal). And I know people who work with HepC; can get their opinion on it if I see them loitering in the halls.

    Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed as well. Vaccines are tricky things!
    • Re: Interesting!

      I am definately interested in what you think.
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