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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

what the...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

what the...

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mucha mosaic
So I'm flipping around on CNN com and I see a headline:
Walmart ends anti-Semitic book sale

First thought that goes through my mind is the front entrance of a Wal-Mart with a big banner hanging up that says
Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 50% off!

And I click on the headline and discover that Wal-Mart has stopped selling the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

When the universe starts echoing my bad jokes, it frightens me.
  • Fear...
  • I think wingedwolf's user icon with the seagulls sums it all up for me.
  • This one more reason why Europeans feel superior to Americans...

    ...at least we know our anti-semitic classics. I can just see the face of the the guy in charge at Walmart: "protocol of what? I thought it was a Matrix novelization!"
    • Re: This one more reason why Europeans feel superior to Americans...

      Smug melting-pot me feels it needs pointing out: hell, you live in FRANCE. You don't just KNOW what anti-Semitism is. Rather frighteningly large part of the culture, for centuries, isn't it?
      • Re: This one more reason why Europeans feel superior to Americans...

        That's why I say we know them. But at the same time, contrarily to what the Sharon and Bush administrations would like the world to think, France has not been and is not more anti-semitic than other countries. Anti-semitism was the norm in most of the world before WWII. It was OK to be against jews, just because they were... jews. france and Israel were best buddies after WWII and it's only in the late 60s that the situation deteriorated, mainly because de Gaulle said "fuck it, we're not giving you weapons to expand your land anymore" and subsequent governments said "you're supposed to be the civilized ones, please stop bombing innocents".
        • Re: This one more reason why Europeans feel superior to Americans...

          Yes there is somethigng strange about Israel and thir milatarty activties. That said there is not a lot of civilization in th middle east it seems. I think they used up there quata during the dark ages whenwe were stilly working on the fier poits of sanatation.

          "oops sorry your quota is up, no more civilazation for you untill 2050"

          Incidently what is that book in question? Never heard of it? Does this mean I am a good non-bigiot or just cultrally oblivious?
  • This being Wal-Mart, have they decided to start giving the book away for free?
  • Ironic thing to post on Yom Kippur...
    • Yeah- t'was called to my attention then. I hadn't thought about that until I read your comment, actually.
  • We all knew Walmart was evil....
  • Quick! Start thinking sardonically about how by this time next year I'll be a slender, sexirific hottie.

    Annnnnnnnnd go! ::fingers crossed::
    • oh wouldn't THAT be ironic.
      • That's the spirit! Baste me in the juices of your cynicism.
        • It would have to be an unpleasant surprise, though- and this doesn't, to my eye, look like an unpleasant surprise to me at all. :/
          Just don't eat! it's working for me!
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