I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte (colubra) wrote,
I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

Things I never would've thought I'd do

add a new one to the list:

write a fan letter to Stephen King, letting him know that a scene that he wrote in his most recent novel really worked amazingly well.

No spoilers.

See, for years- and yearsandyearsandyears- I'd HATED Stephen King. People would recommend his stuff to me and I'd just turn my nose up. I'd read a couple novels of his (Pet Semetary and The Shining, if memory serves), and just thought he was a HACK.
someone shoved Dark Tower: The Gunslinger into my hands and insisted I HAD to read it. No ifs, no ands, no buts. 'You don't have to buy it- here it is, so go ahead. Read it.'
I read it. In an afternoon or so. And I realized that no, Stephen King is actually a pretty gifted author.

I read the first-four Dark Tower books all en masse, when the 4th one came out and the whole schmear got a uniform binding in paperback. I would encounter his short stories and go '...DAMN.'
But never did I really have his stories touch me anywhere below the throat, as it were. Some of them were brilliant ideas (which touched my brain, and then my throat and made me want to talk about them).

The new (and final) Dark Tower book? Just changed that. It had me breathing hard, bawling my eyes out, feeling a little twinge of pain in my chest on the way to work as I read in the car. I don't tend to cry while reading- and this is the only time I have cried while reading when not in my own bedroom, at 3 in the morning.

So I figure it's time to just write him a note and let him know that, yes, the new Dark Tower book pulled this stunt off.

I'll wait to see how the book ends before I write to him, though.
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