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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Dreams Finally Remembered! Film at 11.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Dreams Finally Remembered! Film at 11.

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mucha mosaic
So last night, I had a dream that I actually remembered. This doesn't happen to me often anymore, since The Incident, so I take this very much as a good / important thing.
It was an interesting dream, too.

There I was. In a late-20's / early-30's house, out in the inner Sunset. It was a house that I apparently coowned with the housemate. We were having our first Big Party in the new house, too: a Halloween party. The Nightmare Before Christmastree was up and looked quite stunning framed in the big arched Spanish-mediterranean-San-Francisco-20's-Architectural-Nightmare style window; the party was a costume party.
Everyone I knew was there, it seems; I don't remember everyone's costume.
Seth L. was there in a toga, with laurels--a bright red clown wig, a clown nose, and clown makeup.
djfanboy was there in a straightjacket, with his face painted as the globe (or maybe it was a mask, it kept shifting).
redshrike was there, too: I can't remember her costume.
lilmissnever was around somewhere, though her costume also escapes (the costume the princess in 'Legend' winds up in in her little dance routine, perhaps?) However, an old friend of hers, F E, was in that damn pinstripe suit of his, with a tag that said "HELLO MY NAME IS Joe Black". Everyone was dressed as movie titles ("Funny Thing Happened On the Way To The Forum", "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World", "Meet Joe Black").

I SO call dibs on this. When I have the space for it, there will be a halloween party, and the theme shall be 'come as a movie title'.
If any of you in San Francisco throw this party when I have the household space to throw a party, I will be most wroth with you. If you are outside of San Francisco, please feel free to steal the idea: I would ask that you let me know how it goes, though- what you might do differently, et cetera.
  • Nifty. When you throw it, I'll be there!
  • That is a damn cool idea.

    Get some space soon so that I can come to the party as "A Man With One Red Shoe." :)

  • What a wonderful dream! And how nice to remember. Did you switch vitamins? Or is this just lucky happenstance?

    My mind is agog with costuming ideas already, absolutely none of which I could pull off. Hooray!
    • A: just fortune.
      B: you have at least 10 months to pull these ideas off.
  • hooray! i am sort of pleased you dont' remember my costume; that way, when i attend, i can freely choose without thinking i really ought to wear what you saw me wearing.

    i love the fact that you dream in clever puns.

    • See, I know where this one came from: I was going to, for this halloween, get one of those black bodysuits with white bones painted on it, and wear that- a pair of bermuda shorts- a hawaiian shirt- flipflops- zinc oxide face cream painted as skull features- a shoulderbag with a fodor's guide in it-
      and be 'Death Takes A Holiday'.
      But nobody threw a Halloween party, and I cannot convince myself to face the ungodly crowds in the castro anymore.
  • nice skull icon! ah HAHHAaH.

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