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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Bored. So bored.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Bored. So bored.

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mucha mosaic
Moving offices and in the process seeing to fixing some mistakes about how I have my various computers configured.
So, stripping old corporate-network box, so that it can become my new development-network box- the old dev-net box is older than old corp-net one (and indeed, older than the century), so it's time for it to go away.
Stripping a Windows XP box, using the installation tools that we have internally, is a slow and tedious process. I can only imagine it's worse without these handy tools.
Gaaah. I'm going to go insane just sitting here. And it's the first day in a frigging week that I haven't brought two books to work with me AND killed off the one I was reading before getting to work.

thing to keep track of:
  • Was any of this posting in actually English? Or was I doomed from the word go in not knowing any computerese?
    • ...well, I tried to use the most english-language synonyms...
      • Just you wait my pretty...

        Till I start in with Telephonese!
        • Re: Just you wait my pretty...

          Oh baby do me with that hot thick rj-45, oh yeah, talk twisted pair at me.
          Did you note, by the way, that there IS in fact REAL TWISTED PAIR in my flat? No, really. A genuine pair of genuine copper cables twisted round-and-round-and-round each other.
          Amazing, isn't it? I bet half the damned electrical's aluminum.
  • i pre-ordered that cd and should have it maybe tomorrow? i got word that it shipped... still keeping my fingers crossed for an SF date in late nov/dec - should i let you know if one is scheduled? :)
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