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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

You know...

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

You know...

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mucha mosaic
Spend money and you take shit seriously.
All my friends who post regularly have colors associated with them on my friends page now. Most of the folks I know via surlydinos are violet/purple values; most of the folks I know from Too are blue-tones; most of the folks I know from other contexts are of similiarly unified colourations.
I feel so thmart. Wheehaw!
  • ::seeks out her colour scheme and promptly wonders what it means::

    Paying DOES have that effect, though, doesn't it? :)
  • Darker greentones are for people karjack defines as evil.
    *solemn nod*
    alternately: people I know via online from somewheres that are other than the-usual-MUSHpects are green.
    • Color coded friends...

      Am I the only one who thinks of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and specifically the Planet Purple?

      I think the answer is 'probably', and I'm OK with that really. Definitely a formative experience with horror/sci-fi for me.
  • And how about that mood icon? Is that a custom thing, or one of the ones that LJ provides for everyone? I know that when I got my paid account (thank you, <lj user="feyandstrange", my sweet love!), one of the first things I did was build a shitpile of customized mood icons for my elfy self. (And there's a few I still haven't gotten around to, like "tired", "high", and so on.)
    • not that good, no

      The mood icons are available to one and all- I am not as patient or creative in that arena as you are (yours frankly rock my socks).
      • Re: not that good, no

        Thanks. I also see that I must have screwed up something in my post last night, since it's truncated in the middle. Unfortunately, I can't recall what the hell I typed after that.

        Anyway, glad to hear you like my icons. Even if the wiggling ears on the "ecstatic" one are known to be "disturbing". :)
  • Oooh! I'm dark red! Yum!
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