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Scooter Update

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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Scooter Update

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So while in Blighty, I did layeth mine eyes and my mitts upon a Honda Shadow. While I do still like the thing, a lot-
A: it sits a bit low for my tastes (I'm 6'2")
B: it's actually NOT as pretty as I thought it was: a lot of what I liked about the photos that desl showed me of it was customization or whatnot.
I kept seeing a different scooter and going 'I think that's the Shadow, let's go have a loo-- nope, it's this OTHER thing...'
and liking that OTHER thing more and more.
That OTHER thing is available in the US, brand new, as opposed to having to get someone in the UK to buy it and then ship it over to me, and then hassle with getting it approved, licensed, &c &c &c.
Here is that other thing. I'd be getting it in black, natch, and probably finding a chrome shop in the city that does really good custom work to make up an Edward Gorey fantod.
  • and probably finding a chrome shop in the city that does really good custom work to make up an Edward Gorey fantod.

    To borrow an expression from Judy Jetson, that would be the Most Ut.
    • Indeed it would! That was on my to-do list for the Shadow, if I'd been able to find one, before I realized the Shadow is just too damn teensy.
  • Oh, very pretty. Thank goodness somebody still understands chrome!

    I just ran across a Gorey silver or pewter bat pendant. It's doubtless too small but might be a useful model.
  • Very nice...

    Very nice. And SF is chock full of scooter shops. I've heard very good things about Scuderia West. BTW, what do you think of the following:

    Aprilia Scarabeo 100

    MZ Moskito Classico

    Piaggio LT150

    Vespa ET50/150

    In other news, my MZ Skorpion Tour should finally be in town by the 22nd. We must schedule a beach trip and rumble.
    • Re: Very nice...

      I prefer the styling of the custom Mojito, honestly. The ones you link are a little more modern in style- and I think they look cheesy. They're also a good $500-700 pricier. I also like the way the rear wheel is thoroughly covered, on the Mojito.
    • 'scuse me for interrupting

      hey, my brother has an MZ Skorpion. I never seem to see them anywhere else! he's been learning to race it, which looks like crazy fun.
      • Re: 'scuse me for interrupting

        Well, they don't make them any more. 2002 was the last model year. Back in 1994, when MZ was trying to emerge from being behind the Iron Curtain and get back into the world market, the idea was to take a Yamaha XT660 single cylinder engine, make it liquid cooled, stick it in a really nicely designed and built frame, and make a whole line of bikes from naked streetfighter (Tour), to touring bike (Traveller), to racer (Sport), and eventually off road and supermoto style bikes (Baghira, Mastiff, etc., which are still available). Make it reliable, cheap to run, and reasonably competitive, and they'd be a hit. Apparently they did OK in europe and the UK. They had good components and the chassis is supposed to handle beautifully.

        Unfortunately, the dollar has really suffered, and while these bikes are (apparently) a lot of fun, they're now overpriced, particularly since an SV650(S) will just destroy a Skorpion on the road, for about the same money. In addition, MZ wants to design and build their own engines. They've got some very nice 125cc bikes now, and the M1000s, which is a big parallel twin. We'll see how well that does. (I have my doubts, mostly because it's going up Honda's VFR, the new Triumph Sprint, the FJR1300 and the Aprilia Futura, all of which are really nice bikes.)

        Still, I'm really looking forward to getting my Tour. It's supposed to be a great 'first bike', and I think the looks of the thing are just awesome. Oh and in the irony category, apparently Aprilia is going to use the XT660 engine in a new supermoto bike, the Strada. Plus ca change...
  • Ahhh, very nice.

    I have a friend who races aprilias...
  • Oooh, that will look sooo fucking rad, especially with the custom beastie.
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