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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Since last entry: Visited a mystery-and-science-fiction bookshop.…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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mucha mosaic
Since last entry:
Visited a mystery-and-science-fiction bookshop. Did not find anything I needed, though I did spot a face-out display of nihilistic_kid's novel, Move Under Ground.
Visited another SF&F shop out in Islington- I forget the name Fantasy Centre (thank you, lunaticsx). Spent much money. Have very limited Ligotti book. Two Dunsany hardcovers that are out of print in US. And a Ligotti collaboration which includes- you guessed it- a CD.
Dinner shortly.
  • Should you pass the Wittington Hospital, in (I believe) North Islington, that's where I was born...
    • Digging back through old entries- I in fact took a photo of the memorial to Dick Whittington that's in front of it, while on my way up to Highgate Cemetery.
  • Are we still on for Saturday and help...

    So, are we still on for Saturday @ the British Museum?
    I'm arriving Heathrow Saturday morning around 08:00, don't have to be anywhere until Sunday afternoon.

    Contacting you here, rather than via email since my laptop has been dead/unreliable for most of the week and the lines at the public terminals have only lightened up now that the conference is almost over.
    This also means I have yet to deal with place-to-stay issues since I´ve been unable to sit down for more than two minutes and book something online. Any idea if the place you're staying in has any rooms left for Sat. night?

    • Re: Are we still on for Saturday and help...

      See, I wrote back to you a few days before I left so we could work this out before my access became spotty. When I didn't hear anything back, I assumed that we were not going to be running into each other.
      I can't do the British Museum on Saturday, now; my schedule for Saturday involves waking up in Ealing, taking the Tube back to my room (maybe early enough to still get breakfast), changing clothes, going to Portabello and Camden markets.
      The place I'm staying does indeed have rooms available for on-the-fly, I believe; we're at 178 High Holborn- it's a dormitory for the London School of Economics.
      Sorry, man!
    • Re: Are we still on for Saturday and help...

      Well, since I'm getting in butt-early and need to drop my stuff before heading out-and-about, we may still run into each other.
      Camden is also on my to-do list. Can 'dillo see the museum AND shop AND club and STILL have time to save the world!?!?!??
    • Re: Are we still on for Saturday and help...

      ABTW, this would mean that you'll have a confirmation email from me waiting in your inbox, just one day too late probably.
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