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Let's see... a bunch of wandering yesterday.
I'm going to crib style from welcomerain and dash off a list of things- later, I'll actually do coherent entries.
ITEM! The crows around the Tower of London have learned to sound like ravens!
ITEM! The refurbishment of Tower Hill is even uglier than the original!
ITEM! A bank building downtown has camels on the side for no readily apparent reason!
ITEM! I have tripled the number of photos I have taken, and now am toting around 109 photos on the camera!
ITEM! Have thus far bought three books- one a copy of la morte d'arthur that was a 'tie-in' for the King Arthur movie, a book of Tim White art (he did the US covers on the Amber novels, for those of you who read fantasy/SF), and one I can't remember offhand! Still have not found copy of the coffee-table-sized fascimile edition of Beardsley's la morte d'arthur, but am going to bookstores immediately after hanging up here!
ITEM! Have purchased cheapo skeleton pocketwatch, v. cheap!
ITEM! Still need to buy arch supports for Docs!
ITEM! have yet to buy a hot coffee beverage the whole time I've been here; it's been warm enough (save for last night) that an iced coffee was far preferable!
ITEM! went to Globe Theatre for all-female production of Much Ado About Nothing. Actress playing Benedict was from the British 'Whose Line Is It Anyway', and played Benedict as a complete idiot; it worked quite nicely, actually! Actress playing Beatrice played it freakishly reminiscent of Emma Thompson, and really should have known better! Sets were amazing!
ITEM! So far, today, have visited the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and a cybercafe!
ITEM! Must still get out to Highgate Cemetery, must still get into Westminster!
ITEM! Going to Hampton Court on Friday with mom and dad!
ITEM! need to find shirt with french cuffs & high collar, to wear with cloak & tails and trousers for Halloween, along with tophat, doctor's satchel and moustache & beard!
ITEM! will be Saucy Jack for Halloween instead of an Evil Sim!
ITEM! have now purchased over 60 CDs, but not all of them are intended for me!
ITEM! have successfully purchased several souvenirs to give people!
ITEM! Still unable to make people catch fire with the power of my mind!

ITEM! May turn up on MSNIM in about 4 hours, assuming that I am able to get into a cybercafe down the road from the dorms I'm staying in at that hour!

ITEM! Leaving now!

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