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Yesterday more shopping. No canopic jars at the frigging British Museum AT ALL (they did have suggestions, though, and I will check those as well).
Boots need arch support insoles.
Then went and saw the BatBoy musical, since it's showing a block away from the dormitory we were staying at. lemasquegris and Arlin (who I think has a nomme de LJ that I don't know) joined lunaticsx, meliny and I for this.

Today, got up exhausted: I think the pace is starting to get to be too much. Went downstairs, had breakfast. The hot spell broke- it was a mere 75 today (as opposed to the mid-90s that it was all week with 75% + humidity). Went to the Globe Theatre, bought tickets. Crossed the Millennium Bridge, went to the side of St. Paul's. Back to the Globe, where we saw Much Ado About Nothing, in an all-female performance (the ladies performed in drag as the male parts). I have to admit I wish it had been an all-male part: I was seated such that it was very easy to lose track of how the audience was dressed, and well- if it had been all guys up there, I think I could've just fallen right into Elizabethan England.
Sweeney Todd, BatBoy (The Musical), and Much Ado About Nothing. May go see One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest w/ Christian Slater tomorrow or the next.

Going to go spend time with an ex and his boyfriend of the last 12 years, sometime either tomorrow or the next: they seem very avid about me spending the night. This should prove interesting.

Tonight yet, there's passing out on the agenda.
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