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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

last 24 hours:

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

last 24 hours:

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angel maida vale (by LJuser biichan)
new shoes: they had Proper Doc Martens @ Camden Town tube, so I bought a pair in brown and a pair in black. I'd forgotten how fat the toes are on these. Hee.
Also bought a very expensive coat (it's sleeveless, fullerbodied, cloak sibling is viewable here), because that's what one does in London, apparently. lemasquegris spotted it, but it didn't fit him right (too narrow in the chest). fushicho, you may have a commission coming in the near future. I'll have a model for it to work off, and hey, the thing's not lined...

Totals as of this afternoon:
42 CDs
7 T-shirts
2 pairs boots
1 FRIGHTFULLY EXPENSIVE AND VERY COOL jacket (a cloak version is viewable here).
  • The first ten times I looked at this LJ icon of yours I thought it was a subway map, and now I see that it is most emphatically, but the combination of what it IS and what it ISN'T makes me laugh.
    • It is from Alan Moore's book 'Promethea', I am told: I cadged it off someone biichan.
      and yeah, it makes me snicker, too.
  • Wah! Your search - "Laughing vampire man" - did not match any documents.

    You should know that I came home from London with FOUR different coats. None of them came from Laughing Vampire Man, though. I don't know if you have H&M in CA, but I made a note of some very cool things I saw in the H&M on Oxford Street, to buy at much cheaper prices here.
  • Yay delightful coats!

    I'm so bored at work today that I'm web-shopping.

    After having cleaned my desk.

    And. Uhm. Yeah. I'm bored.

    And our cellphone servers are down, so I can't even call people and chat and waste time.

  • Someday, I will travel to London. *Zim voice* Someday! */Zim voice*
    • a few thoughts.
      1: Summer's hot and sticky.
      2: off-season (winter) is coooold, but it seldom snows.
      3: booking far in advance can save you hundreds of dollars.
      4: if you DO go in Summer, you can stay in dormitories that are between semesters: I'm spending $60-something on a single room + breakfast.
  • I look forward to admiring the purchases.
  • 42 CDs??? I'm the only one boggled at that, I guess.
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