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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

attend the tale of Colubra Todd

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

attend the tale of Colubra Todd

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Picked up cheap seats to the matinee of a new production of Sweeney Todd. Every member of the cast played an instrument, every member of the cast could sing, most could manage to act. So there was no house band at all; they were their own little chamber orchestra. The sets were quite innovative, and I will never view the sound of liquid being poured into a bucket the same, ever again. As the reviewer for 'Time Out' put it, bloody marvellous, har har har. You know, Marianne Faithful and Nick Cave might do a really worthwhile production of Sweeney Todd.

If you're going to be in London and it's still running (Trafalgar Theatre, Studio 1), you really ought to go see it.

Today? Sweeney Todd, stupid Starbucks souvenir mug, checking email free (courtesy of the broken machine at the Trafalgar internet cafe), then Forbidden Planet. Perhaps some clubbing or Camden shopping in a bit.
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    • So far? Very few.
      But I do have a lovely photo of Nelson's Column in the distance with the Sweeney Todd billboard in front, a few of Eros that I really hope are not blurred.
      It's been BLOODY HOT.

      And chripes, woman, you're not even supposed to be at work yet, whyfor do you check LJ at this hour???
  • o/~ No one's going to harm you... *COUGH* *HACK* ...not while I'm around... *HACK* *HOCK* o/~
  • *sigh*

    Give my spiritual regards to Forbidden Planet. I dream of doing a signing there someday.
  • Great show. Saw it in NYC at Circle in the Square ages ago. Love the idea of a Marianne and Nick duet... *snicker*

    Happy travels and picture taking. :D
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