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Why political articles suck.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Why political articles suck.

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mucha mosaic
Because people are stupid.
here is a bit of Salon coverage regarding Rudy Guiliani's comment that he thanked god that GWB was president on the 11th of September, 2001.

I sincerely doubt he took the time to do so, but hey, no way to prove it one way or the other. What bugs me here, though? Is this:

That's just not believable. Is Giuliani really suggesting that on the morning of Sept. 11, while scurrying out of a trapped basement on 75 Barclay Street, and while thousands were dying in Lower Manhattan in the Pearl Harbor-like attack, he had already figured out who was behind the attacks, and was contrasting what the Republican-led military response into the hills of Afghanistan would be like compared to previous administrations?

Well, given that Guiliani was in NYC at the time of the prior attempt to blow up the WTC with a car bomb? Given that Guiliani was kept well-abreast of the whole following proceedings, including the arrest of a second Al Qaeda terrorist planning a similar attack to the first? Yeah, it's probably not too much of a leap to have gone 'golly; Osama bin Laden tried to blow up the WTC twice, and now the WTC is falling over. I bet Osama bin Laden is behind it'. Coming to a conclusion that it could've been anybody else would've been the leap of logic, here.

Hopefully this will go to show that while I myself am staunchly a Democrat, that doesn't mean that anti-Republican propaganda is always gonna get a handwave out of me. Bullshit is bullshit, whether it's on my side of the fence, or yours.
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  • Coming to ANY conclusion at that moment

    Seems kind of bizarre - worrying about the who of it seems like something to do later, after dealing with the immediate concerns of the lives of the afflicted.

    Of course, maybe he was in on the real tip and thanking GWB for being [p]Resident is a good way to cover up the truth, which a large number of people knew and acted on, apparently, with the non-response of fighter jets, the instant 'proof' of a passport floating from the scene when the black-boxes of the planes have never been played or made public, and loose ends and unanswered questions from here to eternity which the so-called 9/11 commission mincingly danced around to avoid dealing with.

    Osama & al-Quaeda - at least its innercircle - aren't terrorists in the strict sense, they're mercenaries who seem to perform atrocities for governments in exchange for money and prestige.

    Bush Inc. either did it - or stood by for it.
    • Re: Coming to ANY conclusion at that moment

      I am inclined to agree with everything you said above. Walked out of the bathroom in my robe, into the livingroom, and stared at the buildings with smoke rising from them. First thought: 'Gee, guess those same guys who tried to blow it up twice finally did'.
      Second thought: 'Well at least wind from 1000 feet straight up won't be pulled down those godawful abominations anymore.'
      Third thought: 'I wonder if this situation is in any way like Roosevelt's silence before Pearl Harbor?'
      We're all still waiting for the true story of 9/11 to come out, no question.
      Having had a gun pointed at my face from a foot away by an armed robber, I can assure you- you do in fact think a bit more quickly and broadly when you're acutely aware that every thought might be your final one. I found myself multitasking frantically in my mind- thinking about what I needed to do in this situation, what I had hoped to get done that wasn't going to get done, how the hell my boss was going to find the day's receipts, whether I'd tightened up that left shoelace in case I needed to run, how inconvenient it'd be if I wound up in the hospital and unable to watch Twin Peaks...
      my mind went all the heck over the place. I don't have difficulty imagining someone in an emergency wondering what caused that emergency, while his hands were busy doing the work of solving the immediate problems.

      None of that changes the fact that- as senatorhatty pointed out- it was not hard to come to the conclusion that bin Laden was somehow involved in it, even for someone as far outside the Beltway as senatorhatty, or I, or you. Which was the only point I was trying to make here. If you want to excoriate Guiliani, go ahead and excoriate him for being in the Bush camp. But excoriating him for leaping to the same conclusion I leapt to before either tower had fallen? That's what I would call a nonsensical approach to politics, to put it mildly. Bullshit, as my sainted grandmother would have called it.

      It's not that I think Guiliani is a saint, or that I think he actually did think that- I honestly sincerely doubt it- it's that I am surprised that anybody would be actually stupid enough to suggest it was unimaginable that someone would form opinions about why something horrible was going on around them.
  • What bugs me is the idea that Giuliani is considered a hero because, after learning that the World Trade Center had been utterly destroyed and that thousands of people had been killed, including hundreds of city employees and several members of his own staff, he actually showed human emotions for once in his whole stinking political career. Oh, is that all it takes to be a hero? Being a tool for most of your life except under a moment of extreme pressure? Fantastic.
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