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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Qu'est-ce que fuck???

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Qu'est-ce que fuck???

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mucha mosaic
Okay, I found something CREEPIER than listening to George Crumb's Black Angels!. For those of you unfamiliar with the piece, you actually are probably familiar with the music. It's this amazingly fucked up piece of work for electric chamber quartet, which got used as incidentals for the Exorcist (Anything in the score that is not Tubular Bells? The bit that sounds like a bunch of electric violins being attacked by mantises on crack? That's Black Angels!).

But there is creepier. Yes, there is definitely creepier. Creepier is talking to a rather rural-sounding law enforcement agent on the phone with it playing on your computer's speakers and having him pause and say '...is that Black Angels?'
  • One line metaquoted, you genius.

    And I suppose that is kind of weird.

    It'd be like encountering some hick-sounding person recognizing the Twin Peaks music other than 'Falling'.
    • Even more obscure than that- Twin Peaks' theme music got national air time; Black Angels! has, to my knowledge, been recorded in full 3 times, and is frankly NOT the sort of music that people play in a concert.
      I love it, but I can't listen to it on headphones. it's TOO CREEPY (I use the creepiest of my icons now, in tribute to its creepness).
  • HA! I think that's AWESOME.

    We people who grew up in hick towns do have some culture, you know.
    • I'm not so sure about that. When I was in high school, the Kronos quartet played in my hometown, and half the audience walked out at intermission. They were just playing Sculthorpe and the like, not Black Angels, too!

      However, the folks with the pink mohawks in the front row more than made up for it.

      While plugging the Kronos, I'll add this: they also do a bitchen version of Shostakovich #8 on the same CD as the Crumb.
      • I prefer the Brodsky Quartet's rendition, myself, esp. for the fact that they precede the piece with a SERIOUSLY kick-ass rendition of Schubert's 'Death and the Maiden', from which Crumb cribbed a couple themes for Black Angels. But yeah, the Kronos does some AMAZINGLY good Shostakovich.
      • Not EVERYONE in hick towns has culture, but... :(

        I'd imagine that after a year living in NC -- and talking all day long to The Natives, and being one of those types who picks up the local accent quickly -- I probably sound pretty hickish, myself.

        And before that, I had NE PA hick-sound to my voice.

        Sigh. How is it I keep trying to live in places with, you know, culture, but I end up in rural areas?
    • I agree that it's very cool. It was just like...
      ...imagine Sheriff Roscoe from Dukes of Hazzard having an opinion on the leitmotifs in Edvard Munch's work.
  • Lol. I'd be lucky if our rural law enforcement agents recognized Bowie.
    George Crumb? Hey, a name I recognize! I've been meaning to check into some of his stuff - I hear it's pretty good. My neighbor's daughter came home from Wales - she goes to a music and fine arts college there - and was telling us about the time she performed a couple of his pieces for the public. I'd never heard of anyone running glasses of water over the piano strings while they were playing. She said that her shirt caught on the key cover, though, and when she sat back down it banged shut. Fortunately it was right in time, but she had yet another reason to curse her shortness.

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