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weird dream fragments.

Dreamed I was on an airplane going to London with my aunt and uncle. The plane, on its descent, flew down the aisle of Westminster Abbey and then hung a sharp right over the nonexistent fountain surrounding Nelson's Column.
But then we were in Las Vegas, at the Bellagio.
But then I was at home. The deck was being worked on, our new female rather dykey landlady informed me, standing on thin air in the enormous hole wherein the deck would have stood. However, the apartment was out in Crocker/Amazon, and the cost of a cab ride was prohibitive. Also, somehow discovered I'd left the apartment without my wallet, so went home, snuck in because the landlady and her girlfriend were up to something in the kitchen, and then I had my wallet. And my pants.
It was interesting to me that the wallet had in it the chunk of cash I got out yesterday.

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