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Playlist thoughts.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Playlist thoughts.

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mucha mosaic
Going to London, as you've probably heard me blather on about.
What music do you think needs to be played on one's walkman while wandering London- while on the tube, while wandering the Millennium Bridge, while waiting in line to get into the British Museum? There're a few choices that I'm dragging along for my own tastes- Aztec Camera's album 'High Land, Hard Rain'; ABC's track 'Tower of London' (from 'How To Be A Zillionaire'); Shriekback's song 'Mothloop' (for the fact that the lyrics include the name of various Underground stops); a good fuckton of Bowie; the Eurythmics' song 'This City Never Sleeps'; the British Sea Power album 'Decline Of', because it seems to fit the Anglophilia, and some Smiths, because that does too...

What does London sound like to you, then? What would you think the soundtrack of London would have to have on it, if you were putting one together?
Suggestions will duly be noted and examined and considered.

UPDATE: add 'Gravity's Angel', Laurie Anderson, to the list here. Perhaps some of Coil's album 'Horse Rotorvator', if not the whole damn album: Penetralia seems to want public transit listening.
  • XTC: Towers of London (absolutely obligatory; "la la londinium"), Great Fire, River of Orchids ("I heard the dandelions roar in Piccadilly Circus", "want to walk into London on my hands one day")

    "Life Begins at Oxford Circus" by Jack Hylton and His Orchestra (available on the soundtrack to the BBC's TV miniseries Pennies From Heaven)

    "Dirty Water" by the Inmates ("aw, London, you're my home"), transplanted cover of the original by the Standells ("aw, Boston, you're my home").

    "The Greatest Living Englishman" by Martin Newell ("how they'd love to see me now, a prisoner in the Tower...")

    Rush, "The Camera Eye"

    Smiths, "Hang the DJ" (panic on the streets of London)

    Pet Shop Boys, "West End Girls"

    I completely agree about ABC's "Tower of London".

    Genesis, "the Battle of Epping Forest"

    and a bonus for the next Paris trip:
    King Crimson, "Neal and Jack and Me" ("the Seine alone at 4 AM, the in-seine alone at 4 AM")
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