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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Brief polishing-off-lunch update: I Created A Monster, Part the Second

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Brief polishing-off-lunch update: I Created A Monster, Part the Second

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mucha mosaic
So was browsing lj, just looking for stuff to be amused by.
Remember my confusion a while back at the invite I got to the wedding of a couple of strangers, because they met at a cacophony event that I sort of brainstormed up the premise of? (link leads to prior entry in my journal on said topic)
It gets better.
Their photo albums from the wedding are now linked at http://boingboing.net. you can look for the word 'stormtrooper' on the boingboing page, or more easily, you can just go to the Livejournal RSS aggregation of the article, since someone @ boingboing.net set the page up with white-text-on-white-background.
I think I've arrived.
  • You have, in fact, arrived.
    • I didn't even know I had gone along, and yet here I am, in the place I didn't know I was going to.
      • It's amazing how that happens.
        • Heck, nobody even told me to bring luggage. I may have to do some shopping. Are there clothing stores in the place I've arrived in?
  • My God, they really DO ride in single file.
  • I want a wedding with Mariachi's *and* stormtroopers.

    That Rocks.
    • So do I but, but they won't LET ME have one because it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL or something and EVIL and oh sweet lord I'd have to find a guy I could stand for any period of time nevermind.
  • Holy Crap, I know someone who went to that wedding. And it was even more surreal than what you'd expect. I'll pst a link to their photos when I find them in the depths of my friends list -- hooray for 200+ people on it.
    • The world of weirdoes is a small small world. And it comes with prawns, for some reason.
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