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Ranty rant.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Ranty rant.

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mucha mosaic
So, I'm working with possibly the most unpleasant coworker I have had in quite a long time. She's higher on the foodchain than I am (though she reports up through an entirely different management chain than I for quite a ways), and seems to feel that this means she is too busy to supply the right answer herself. This business, however, does not prohibit her from having enough time to make her best effort at publically humiliating me if I am incorrect. This also doesn't prohibit her from making my best friend's life hell by expecting my best friend to correct my behavior when, point in fact, I don't report to my best friend.
It's shredding my self-esteem, and has essentially made me utterly unwilling to even touch email with her name on it at all. I am really quite ready to just scream at her 'Why don't you SHUT the FUCK UP, you CUNT'. Though I know this is, obviously, not within the corporate charter.
So I'm trying to think of better ways than that to get across to her that her behavior is outside of the standard I am willing to sit still for from people I actually admire, and I haven't admired her in a very long time. Suggestions?
Even if they're silly suggestions, hey, go to town, folks. This is a venting exercise, rather than a serious quest for solution. I'm just sick of her being a twat, and am letting off steam, rather than looking for some way to make her suffer.
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    • Re: This is a joke. Probably.


      You know, I just skimmed and didn't see anything that looked joking on first take.

      Daaaaamn. Niiiice, subtle. ;)
  • Is that bald, screaming monkey still with Microsoft? If so, why not get as many people as you know to recommend her highly for a transfer to his personal assistant, or in any related position that requires her to sit in the front row for all of his performances. That ought to give her something else to think about. And a migraine.
    • Genius.
      Thank you.
      • Yes, I think recommending such people very highly so that hey get promotes somewhere else is a good idea.

        Or admiring how well she deals with such a challenging environment, to the point where she gets transferred to a *really* challenging environment. LIke one of the other groups that's failing. Or an environment without oxygen...

        Or call HR and whine to them and see if they eat her.
  • I have a new thought on tactic with this woman.
    She is about 5'8". She works out rather regularly and she makes a great show out of her physique. I suspect strongly that she doesn't like being shorter than people.
    I am 6'2".
    So. New tactic I am contemplating would be:
    Every time I receive an email from her, walk to her office, stand within 3' of her, look down at her, and talk to her in a gentle, calm tone.
    Every time.
    Doesn't matter what.
    You know, I bet that if I did this, she'd stop sending me emails within a month.
  • Actually, this sounds like a perfect thing to take to your manager, if the behavior has been persistent.
  • Set her on fire with your mind.

    That or say stuff like, 'you really have no idea just what your feedback means to me.' and 'I don't know if I can express how concerned I am about that.' etc.

    (but then, I'm boring)
    • ain't workin' quite, sadly.

      I've tried saying stuff like that and it always comes out as (literally) 'thanks for chiming in now that I've actually made an effort to answer the question and you have the opportunity to come in and save the day and make me look like an idiot'.
  • Although not at all subtle, the next time you get a chance to talk to her make a genuine effort to listen to her. Then pull out your penis and pee on something in her office or cubicle. Be sure to continue the conversation (or at least your half of the conversation) as you do so. It wont solve any of your problems but it might make you feel more....dare I say relieved? Good luck!
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