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Livin' la dolce vita, state-dependent learning (now with tapas!), and halloween

Livin' La...
Went and saw La Dolce Vita tonight, for the first time in over a decade, and for the first time ever in a cinema. And for the first time without being on illegal stimulants or drunk or both.
Good god, it's just as disturbing when not fucked up. And very funny, and there are bits of it that, yes, are just as True to Life for the sober among us. A particular shouting match between Marcello and Emma, in-and-out-of-and-in-the-car, which concluded with 'fine, whore yourself out for a ride'.
Was also reminded of bradx's recent oooOOOoooh-worthy photograph I commented to him on, as one scene's shot at the Trevi Fountain.
State-dependent learning a(now with tapas!)
I've seen La Dolce Vita 7 times before this evening. And been ripped to the gills each time. Came out of the theatre and went to eat tapas. Interestingly? Could NOT read the menu. Couldn't focus. Felt bleary and dragged out and well- drunk.
Halloween costume
I need things that Should Never Be Seen on a mood indicator matrix from The Sims. Substitutions for 'hunger', 'sleep', 'social', & so on. Ideally ones that are horrible and evil. 'face-stabby' is one, definitely; I'm debating 'so hate you' and 'OMGWTFBBQ', too. THen again I'm debating the 7 Deadly Sins + Bush Hatred. And you, oh gentle reader, can participate in this! You can just name a mood/whatever indicator thing for the Sims which should Never Ever Be.

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