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more political horror stories

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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more political horror stories

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keyangst (photo by Bruce Sterling)
First they start talking about how it's inappropriate to have free speech where, you know, anyone will actually hear it, see it, or be otherwise influenced by it.
Then they cordon free speech off in razorwire in Boston.
Then there was the crazy bitch who went insane because a bunch of Libyan musicians all got on a plane together and used the bathroom in rapid sequence.
Then they start trying to confiscate RPG material that they find offensive for unnamed reasons.


Can I have a US Government that values things like free speech again plz k thx.
  • It's just that it's not surprising to me to realise someone with no real power is desperately grasping what little power they have.

    Indeed. And the litany of legalese nonsense I referenced above bugs me 'cause it gives the minutely-phallused among us a much longer reach with which to claim their import.
    If I see the adjective 'terroristic' one more time, I swear I'm going to do something someone else will regret. Such threats are exactly the sort of thing that's being described to me as 'terroristic' by such eminently large minds and personalities as Deputy R. Imjobber of the Podunk Co. Sheriff's Dep't. & Gen'l Store. We're giving these people a lot of authority with which they can claim power, and are not producing an accountability chain which makes claiming that power anything like an annoying responsibility.
    And for the gift of an extended reach to the sphinctolalic among us, I blame the current administration; for an additional realm in which they can claim to be The Big Man With The Three Inch Penis, I blame George W. Bush. For a lot of these ills, I have no choice but to reasonably blame those who created them.

    Man. I do prattle on. I am not, I should note, at ALL perturbed w/ you, or with anything you've said. From my PoV, the tolerance of little men with little agendas and little minds seems like the sort of thing Benjamin Franklin would've specifically pointed at while saying 'they who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security'.
    • Anyway, I do think that it changes the situation in an important way when you understand that the authority figure involved wasn't a police officer or a federal agent but was instead a rent-a-cop.

      I don't think it changes it. Shit flows downhill. Rent-a-cops wouldn't think this kind of behavior was ok if they hadn't been shown already that it was, and forcefully, by those assholes in the airports, by the sodiers who perpetrated Abu Ghraib, or by the president who's currently abusing the country. (I was going to go on, but I'm all Ms. Ranty Pants about this, right now, and obviously you two are thoughtful people who don't need me ranting at you about something you already agree with.)
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