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A brief complaint

This is addressed to absolutely nobody who reads this journal (as far as I know, anyways), and is just boggled 'WHAT THE FUCK???' that has to get off my chest.
The more polite way of saying this will be sent tomorrow to the person I am complaining to.

Dear Sir:

When you find yourself RPing something that you don't want to RP, you need to tell me that at the time you find that's going on. When you're not enjoying the RP, you need to tell me why, so I can perhaps accomodate your enjoyment. When you find yourself not enjoying the RP you need to also not take the reins in it (so to speak), run it for FORTY-FIVE FUCKING MINUTES, and then give me shit for making you do that.
I didn't make you do something you didn't wanna do for forty-five minutes. You did that all to yourself. If I had known you didn't want to do it, I certainly could've shut the hell up more, and let it run its course faster. But you didn't tell me anything about what you thought of the situation, and therefore, I can't own responsibility for the fact that you spent 45 minutes doing something you apparently didn't want to do.
I am sorry that you didn't enjoy that RP: that certainly wasn't my intention. But fucked if I'm going to sit here and take shit off you for... god. And you can take the 'we're not going to do this a third time' ultimatum, fold it into as many sharp corners as possible, and cram it up your diamond-producingly-tight ass.


That actually felt good.

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