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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

if anyone could explain how I just slept 11 hours, I would greatly…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

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mucha mosaic
if anyone could explain how I just slept 11 hours, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • You had another heart attack!
    • naaah, that tends to be a longer rest period than 11 hours. I'm just confused- I didn't think I was THAT tired, when I went to bed...
      ...but apparently so.
  • Since I had all of four thanks to the people upstairs, you clearly stole my sleeping hours.

    I want those back. With interest.
    • Boo upstairs neighbors! I'm sorry.
      If you have area rugs, buy yourself new ones and donate your old ones to them. 'Thought this might be a nice touch in your apartment- and would probably eat up some of the noise of you walkin' around on hardwood, maybe?' I have found upstairs neighbors are very accomodating about this approach if you're polite about it- and if they're not spending $ to accomodate you.
      • The floors here and upstairs are carpeted. Sadly, short of smothering the assholes with them no amount of area rugs will drown out the fact they play their music really loud at all hours of the night, then get home in the early hours of the morning and basically sit in their lounge shouting drunkenly at each other.

        Or the fact that when I actually go up and ask them to turn it down, I then hear them all laughing uproarously and then turning it up.
    • ...find their fuse box. :)
      • Funnily enough, this was my father's advice. Telling me to make sure I got the main fuse, and to take it with me, since almost no one keeps spare fuses around - especially dumbass students.

        My main concern is their fusebox is right on their front doorstep, and also a little high up for me. So there's a high chance I'd get caught while I'm fumbling around.
        • Hmmm. You could, I suppose, extract it in the middle of the night once they've finally decided to shut the fuck up.
          If you have a circuit breaker for their flat that's upstream of the fusebox, you might wanna try that, too- that's just a switch, usually.
          Oh, since you might overlook it: be sure to do all this without leaving fingerprints.
          • Hmm. Less immediately satisfying, but also much less painfully obvious it was me. I think that's a plan.
            • If their constant absurd partyanimal behavior is really interfering with your life, you may wanna touch base with your landlord about possible recompense for having to be the direct recipient of their assholishness for the 90 days you (and landlord) are stuck with them.
              An uuugly situation, and I hope you're able to weather it well, and get to a better place after.
              Neighbors suck.
              • Keep in mind, a lot of landlords start eviction proceedings if you call the cops with noise complaints often enough. Landlords generally don't like cops repeatedly responding to their address.

                When we first moved here, we had unacceptably loud neighbors. When I asked them to turn it down, they took to threatening and berating me (Which I reported to the landlord). As a result, the other three affected neighbors took to calling the cops at the first sign of irritation, since they didn't want to deal with the insults and threats. They were evicted in no time, really. They blamed us. I pointed out that the only time I'd called the cops was the time they dared me to. It was entirely their fault that everybody else was afraid to complain to their faces.
    • Call the cops. And complain to the landlord, repeatedly. Also, tape it if you can, and offer it up to your landlord as evidence. They're probably breaking some lease rules and could get evicted due to it.
      • Noise control are useless. I've called them before, they don't come.

        They've actually already been given their notice of eviction - my landlord rocks. The problem is that there's a legal eviction notice period of 90 days, and it looks like these people are going to take full advantage of it (and don't /care/ if they make a nusience of themselves, since they've already been kicked out).

        Still, that makes it easier to tolerate.
  • You...uh...got some?
    • I laugh and laugh at the Gertrude icon. She looks so much like she's going 'well DUH'.
      • I made someone a Gertrude icon that says 'Bitch? Please!". :D And I need one that says "...cat-thrower."
  • Time warp?
  • If you figure it out please fill me in

    The combination of three coutnthem three diffrent sleeping drugs is usually not enough to allow more than 5 hours of sleep on my part latley. Its gettign old. Ergo you will NOT complaine at having achieved 11. The only time I do that is when I am activly being poisoned and that hurts in other ways.
    • Re: If you figure it out please fill me in

      I'm not complaining- I'm just befuddled by it. honest! I obviously needed the rest.
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