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having so much fun with the poisonous people, telling rumors, and lies, and stories they made up

If you're reading this and you think it applies to you? It probably does.

I'm not going to play the passive aggressive game of talking about you behind your back- I'm going to call you on this where other people can see it. I'm going to be a bit vague about it because it's not JUST you. There are a few people playing this same fucking pathetic game, and who seem to think that we're still in high school.
I'm about to be thirty-four. High school sucked when I was seventeen. Why is it going to suck less with another seventeen years under my belt?

Some really simple ground rules:
1: If you don't like people talking about you behind your back? Don't talk about people behind their backs. If you don't like it when people eat messily? Don't eat messily. It's a really simple logical statement.
2: If you claim that you're convinced someone's betraying your confidences and tell the world that you don't like that about them, I don't think it's at all reasonable to read you going on about how terrific it is that this person betrayed someone else's confidences. Especially not IN THE SAME SENTENCE.
3: If you need to have a pity party for yourself because the shitty games people are playing with your emotions are the same shitty games you're playing with people's emotions, you frankly need a good solid slap in the face, because that shit, my friend, is fucked up.

This may or may not apply to you. This may or may not apply to just you- it could apply to a whole festival of people who are reading it. Comments are disabled because, frankly, I'm sick to fuck of listening to the whining and explanations and recriminations.

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