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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Reading Phyllis Schlafly in the morning is an amazing way to get the…

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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scared of you.
Reading Phyllis Schlafly in the morning is an amazing way to get the blood pumping. Here, go read some yourself!
warning: colubra not responsible for death or injury inflicted by the above link, which may have side effects such as head-explody, spindoctoritis, or even a bad case of the fuck-you's.
Also, the 'who will you sleep with' meme. Man, those wacky democrats.

Which LJ friends will you sleep with?
LJ Username
Favorite Color
Are you drunk?
Sex in the backseat of a car gothcrumpet
Sex at a democratic convention colubra
Sex on a nude beach caffeina
Hottest sex of your life eac
Sex rating - 9%
Number of times you will orgasm 104
This fun quiz by akasha82 - Taken 27950 Times.
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3 women and MYSELF.
Myself at the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, no less. What, I won't put out in my hometown?
Yeah, doing just great on the dating front, why do you ask.
  • Geez. Modern day American pepper pot. Yarg!
  • Ow. My brain broke. And I just read the porn screed...
  • Ye gods, what IS that creature?! Is it even human?! It's certainly not on the same world as the rest of us...

    I've looked at 4 of her diatribes and don't know whether to fall over laughing or scream. Laugh I think, my mind just cannot take her seriously.
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