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I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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fog and bridge
So I just received the oddest email I have ever gotten in my life.

> Hey man:
> So I'm going through old Cacophony archives and find that the now legendary pigeon roast all got started by a post of yours.
> Since <fiancee's name redacted> and I met there, and are now getting married, I wanna make sure you're coming to the wedding.
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sf-caco/message/851

A bit of explanation.
See, several years back I suggested to the SF Cacophony Society that a pigeon roast would be a terrific prank. They wound up doing it- brought a bbq to Union Square on a Saturday, set up, passed out fliers explaining how the homeless could roast pigeons to feed themselves, and had a couple cornish game hens on the grill. it was HYSTERICAL. People completely bought it.

So these two people I've never met met there, and are getting married.

  • um, that's nifty! very.

    but...you're voluntarily going to a wedding you're not obligated to attend?
    • Re-read the original post: I actually said nothing about attending. :)
      • i noted that. just making sure. heh.
        • too soon do I speak.

          And now I realize I have a perfect idea for a wedding gift.
          That shop next door to 826 Valencia, with the preserved mice done up punk-rock or mod or what have you?
          I wonder if the artist would be able and willing to do a pigeon up as cupid.


          • Re: too soon do I speak.

            jeannie m. is the artist, the store is paxton gate.

            i am your enabler, baybee.
            • Re: too soon do I speak.

              But I shan't be going: their wedding is on a weekend where I intend to be in las vegas.
              • Re: too soon do I speak.

                okay, this is like that "that's bad! that's good!" story i remember from kindergarten.
  • when they breed it will be three
  • You've a lot to answer for, lad.

    Somehow it's not very surprising to find out that the pigeon roast had been YOUR idea.
  • Pardon me while I point and snicker.
  • I think you have found your own method of procreation. Your legacy shall live on through your corruption of others.
  • Did you come up with the cannibal feast? That was awesome! But sadly I did not make it.

    "Bring condiments and a dessert!"

  • Here, allow me to turn the Weird Knob up to 11.

    You have introduced my best friend in high school to her future husband.

    The world is very, very small.
    • ...



      Please do express my regrets that I can't join them, if you're going to the ceremony. :)
  • Wow. Just... wow. I am impressed, at the prank and the oddly resultant romance. That's like a Jeunet film waiting to happen.
  • This is very, very bizarre.

    I say send the cupid-pigeon and your regrets. :)
  • I think you have found your own method of procreation. Your legacy shall live on through your corruption of others. - someone up there

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