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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

...er, riiight.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

...er, riiight.

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hey where it's at! yeeeah
So I received a spam that had a title that actually tricked me into opening it. I discovered that Cialis is known as the 'weekend viagra' because of its long-lasting effects.

Man, if I had a hardon that wouldn't go away for a weekend, I know I wouldn't be buying MORE of what made it happen. I'd be sitting there going
It won't shut up

Am I alone in thinking this?
  • No. I have to say, were I to have a cock in the first place, and were I to discover that it would not stop being erect, I'd likely have the same kind of freakout.

    As it is, I have tits, instead, and I think I'm glad.
  • The bit on the commercial that always makes me laugh: "If you have an erection for more than three hours, notify your doctor immediately."

    I mean, wouldn't you be worried after, you know, an hour? I don't own a penis. You tell me.
    • Hey screw 'notifying your doctor'.

      As if the wankstains that fall for these stupid ads wouldn't be off down the pub 'notifying' their fellow drunken slobs as loudly as possible.
  • Hell no your not.

    Yeah I want to spend 48 hours in a room rocking back and forth waiting for it to subside, not.
  • ... yeah, I think if my clit were swollen and all 'I MUST FUCK NOW' for a weekend, I'd be pretty fucking freaked out.

    Now imagining that my clit were, in fact, thousands of times larger and doing the same thing?

    Shit, I don't know how you men walk around with those insane things attached to your bodies.
  • Evidently, those of us with a penis don't remember that fun-filled time known as puberty and adolescence, where a 6 hour erection that could punch holes through steel plate was a daily occurrence.
    • 6 hours? Good christ, man.
      Then again, I had undiagnosed cardiovascular problems in my adolescence.
      • Darling, the guys I knew in high school could do it all day if you gave the 10-30 minute rest periods to reload. (Reload time got longer the more often they were called upon). I also knew guys in college who could routinely manage for an hour, and another guy who could go all night on the same erection (martial arts and tantric training; 6-7 hours if memory serves. Campus security stood under the window one time, reporting it to each other over the radio. "Pssssht. They still at it? Pssssht. Yes. Pssht. Jesus!" It was legendary in my dorm, since not only was it noisy, but we had a dog in there, and it tended to bark at passers-by. No, I didn't screw the dog. It was a handicap-assist dog, and the boy needed no help with the task in question. We prudently went to his place after that).

        Individual results vary, however, and I've never held that against anyone.
        • 'do it all day' does not equal 'had an erect penis for a full hour', though. Chripes, I could do it all day m'self in high school. But I wasn't toting wood around for a full hour at any point.
  • Laughing. too. hard. *squeak* Oh god... it hurts.

    Again: You win.
  • You are not alone in thinking this; if I recall, when Viagra first hit the market, an entire episode of "Mad About You" was made around the Paul Reiser character having an erection that wouldn't end, thanks to the little blue pill...

    (Hell, I remember that episode very well; it was the place where I learned that a side effect of Viagra was giving your vision a blue tint!)

    In any case - if Hollywood's already mined the thought for comedic purposes, you are so not alone in worrying about an all-weekend erection damaging your penis....
  • Being the disgruntled owner of a tempermental penis (gotta love those meds...), I've just switched from Viagra to Cialis.
    Now that I would complain these days about a 3 hour boner, but similar to Viagra, you need some sort of sexual stimulation for there to be an effect.
    The benefit of Cialis is that you don't have the limitation of not eating while taking it, it does last up to 36 hours on one does and doesn't cause the dizziness of Levitra.
    • notes duly taken- and thank you for chiming in! I honestly couldn't imagine a 36 hour erection with anything but fear.
    • loopy ideas!

      wow 36 hours!
      just paint a happy face on the peepee head and have a conversation with it. LOL
    • A 36 hour boner must be good for porn stars???

      There are economics to think of as well. For $10 a pop (so to speak), having it work on you for 36 hours sure beats the 4-6 hours of Viagra!
  • You have reminded me of the Something Positive comics about the guy with the talking penis. I am now imagining the Sexy Losers comic wherein Man With Talking Cock takes Vigra for some reason, and the hell that ensues.

    Thanks. I needed a good laugh.
    • This reminds me a little of Robin Williams' skit from "Live on Broadway." The one in which he talks about having an erection that will. not. go. away. He says it's like one of those blow-up clowns: You hit it and it keeps bouncing back, laughing "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA!"
  • AHHAHAHAHHhhhhhh

    Make it stop! Make it stop!
  • Oh good jesus god no
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