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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Inquisitory meme

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Inquisitory meme

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freak sale
Because I've had fun doing the icons up:
you can go here to view my icons. Once you know what the hell you're looking at, here's a few questions for ya.

1. Which of my icons is your favourite and why?
2. Which of my icons is your least favourite and why?
3. Which of my icons have you always wanted context for?
4. Which of my icons have you never noticed I even had before?
5. Which one of them is (ed. the most) me, to you?
I'm adding one question:
6. Which icon do you visually imagine when you think of my journal?
You know, the interesting thing is: 5 is pretty much the same question as 6, so I'm striking it: I'm not as pleased with the phrasing on 5. Oddly, though? Some folks' answers differ on that. How cuuuurious.
  • Oooh! Can I steal the freak sale icon? I saw that on engrish.com and thought I'd love to have it as a usericon, but it was too much hassle to make one myself.
  • 1. GIVE CTHULHU THE MIC. I like it for its gratuitous Cthulhu content.

    2. The animated gif of the dancing guy repels me. Yet I am drawn to it! Arrrgh.

    3. I like to know more about all the little animals, especially that little gecko beast who says EEXCELLENT.

    4. BITEY.

    5. "hee-hee-hee." I guess it's not actually you, but the poorly-suppressed glee is what comes across in your journal.

    6. The default one - the green snake.
    • animal data:
      The green snake is a tree python from Cambodia, who some intrepid photographer for Nat'l Geo photoed while they were visiting Angkor Wat.
      The baby bat is a vampire bat born in captivity: more data on that can be dredged up out of my memories.
      'flight' is a crow, flying away from scavenging near a mill in North Africa. Nat'l Geo again.
      the dog- view my answer to question below.
      the 'little gecko beast' is in fact a white's tree frog.
    • (no subject) - colubra - Expand
  • . Which of my icons is your favourite and why?:Self Portrait.
    2. Which of my icons is your least favourite and why?:The Baron -It scares me bad!!!
    3. Which of my icons have you always wanted context for?:The one with the kid and the baseball cap.
    4. Which of my icons have you never noticed I even had before?:The one that says "here's where it's at. I love it!!!
    5. Which one of them is me, to you?:Self portrait.
    I'm adding one question:
    6. Which icon do you visually imagine when you think of my journal? :Self portrait or the snake.
    • 3 is a shot from a web comic named Boy Meets Boy: the character in question is explaining how happy he's going to be with the love of his life for EVER and EVER and being, actually, more than a little bit freakish about the whole thing. But he looks so very happy, doesn't he? that's why I wanted the icon.
  • Favourite: You have a bunch that I like, honestly. Many of these are cases where I partly like the pic, but I really like the contexts you use it in. Like the four drachmae, or the Cthulhu/mic, or the big, pointy "You!"
    Least Fave: The thing from Sen to Chihiro and the scary-looking frog and dog all creep me out a bit. The animated one from Penny Arcade always annoys me whenever you or lemasquegris use it, because you both use that one, and I always get confused whose post I'm reading.
    Needed Context: None really, because you posted something a while back explaining them all.
    Never Noticed: Selfportrait, Dali, bitchy Spock.
    Which one is you: I think I'd have to go with the self-portrait.
    Visually imagine: The snake. It goes with the username.
  • (no subject) -
    • the story on 'AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' is that the dog is in front of a dogsled, with a few others- unlike the others he's come over to the camera, and the sled's on dry land. it looks very much like he's going 'Oh my GOD you want me to pull this thing on CONCRETE are you MAD I hate youuuuuu'

      'Count Only Sunny Hours' is a sundial that's on the side of the Chateau Cluny in Paris, which houses the Museum of the Middle Ages. The sundial was originally drawn in 1672. I'm actually really pleased with that one too- I wasn't sure how well it'd reduce down. :)
  • 1.- Thwack. I find my self in need of it very often and die with envy when I see it.

    2.- It's a tie (SP?) between Sen to chihiro and Eeexcellent. I find the frog scary and the monster, I don't know what it represents but I just don't like it. *blush*

    3.- Sen to Chihiro. It's not that I ALWAYS wanted context, but I'd lke to know where it comes from.

    4.- WTF (Jack Sparrow). I had seen it, I just didn't associate it with you, which is embarrassing given the fact that my friend's list is not exactly big.

    5.- Bibliophilia *grin*

    6.- Snakey.

    • on 'thwack': you can grab it, if you'd like. :)
      on 'Sen to Chihiro': this icon's a still shot from the movie better known in the US as 'Spirited Away': he's just a little statue that is somewhere on the set.
  • 1. Well, she's a damn cute baby bat. I can't resist, really.
    2. MWTFE creeps me out a tad.
    3. Angel Maida Vale
    4. Gloomy + Spockbitch
    5. Sod Off: I'm drinking sake
    6. Snakey, definitely.
    • I got this icon from biichan, originally: she made it for a friend of hers, and so I went and grabbed a copy of it too. the style of it is much the same as the London Underground map's style; the sephira (individual form: sephiroth) are points on the Tree of Life, per Qabbala. Each station on the Tree (or stop on the Tube) represents different metaphysical and archetypal properties.
      I just like the conceit of representing the Tree of Life as a Tube map: it appeals. Apparently, the image originally comes from a flyleaf in Alan Moore's currently-running book, Promethea.
  • 1. Like a lot of them, but I can narrow it down to GIVE CTHULHU THE MIC (for obvious reasons), Flight (beautiful picture, and I'm biased), aaaaaaaaah (batty is still so cute!)

    2. The sen to chihiro one is interesting, but doesn't really convey anything to me.

    3. Uh- riii-iiight. The expression just didn't speak a specific emotion to me.

    4. Why don't you BURN IN HELL!; bored now; Count Only Sunny Hours; ANTS!; hey where it's at! yeeeah; quitcherbitchen; the grin reaper; scared of you

    5. selfportrait, because it's, well, you; sod off: I'm drinking sake, for the sheer "culture+attitude+bowie = colubra" value

    6. snakey
  • Oddly, though? Some folks' answers differ on that. How cuuuurious.

    Since you phrased it as two different questions, I tried to give two different answers. The snake probably is my one best answer for either.
  • i lack concentration for answering questions in order today

    so i tell you these things:

    i miss fish boy.

    i, too, find the "thwack" confusing, for the same reason already mentioned.

    the snickering eddie makes me smile, and i like the spooky sen to chihiro guardian.

    i think of the snake as the default voice of your journal.

    although i uderstand your question, none of the icons are "you" to me; "you" are still the sum of my memories of you-in-person, augmented/offset by your written words. apparently, you and i have in common the trait of writing, more often than not, the way we talk.
    • Re: i lack concentration for answering questions in order today

      I had forgotten fishboy was missed. Thank you!
  • 1. The "bitch, please." Because it's just too damn funny. Also, I have become a Trek Geek. In case you missed that.
    2. sen to chihiro -- it looks too much like Jabba the Hutt, and it doesn't make sense to me as an icon.
    3. See above.
    4. "fog and bridge"
    5/6. hee-hee-hee. Because... it's all 'snickering queer,' and that's what I think when I think of you, dear.
    • I snagged 'bitch, please.' off of crotalus_atrox a long while back, actually- either her or someone on her friendslist. If you feel you need it, please do help yourself!

      the 'sen to chihiro' one is from Spirited Away: if you look close you can see Chihiro's family car parked just behind it. Also, there's a couple of nice puns in 'sen to chihiro': A: 'Sento Chihiro' would be 'the Chihiro bathhouse'. A friend of mine was in Japan when the movie came out and got herself a very cute T-shirt that's done in a classical ukiyo-e style, advertising the Chihiro Baths. Also B: the characters which are used in writing 'Chihiro' out include one character- sen- which is what Yubaba leaves the girl as her name while she's working at the bathhouse. So the story becomes all about Sen -> Chihiro: that is, Sen to Chihiro.
  • 1. Hard to say. I am fond of many of them, and you use them well as mood-pointers, which is also lovely. I love the sign collection. The sandradeletes are all cute, Bowie and - hell, forgive me gods, I forgot the "clue fairy"'s name - his are all good. 'sod off I'm drinking sake' is lovely. Coins and sundial and bibliophilia are lovely. Frog is lovely. Bat is just the most cutest ever. Other critters are okay. Sen to Chihiro is kinda nifty. The pics of you are both good pics and handsome, albeit (in Baron's case) scary. And I like gargoyle. Can sort of take or leave Dali for myself, but it works well for you. I like Angel Underground thingie but don't see it much, but that's not a bad thing.

    2. The head-whacky is a tad confusing, but I can sense its appeal. I don't think I ever saw Spock or the bear until now. 'burn in hell' is, again, an appropriate sentiment, but I haven't seen the show at all and so must vaguely resent any reference I don't get. The anime selfportrait does not say 'you' to me. Nor does 'you!' or the Grin Reaper, although Grin is kind of nice. Not fond of the dog.

    3. I think I know them all, at least since reading this page. The dog doesn't work well for me somehow.

    4. Spock, bear, YOU!. Had forgotten about grin reaper, teeth, fog and bridge, ribcage, having not seen them much of late.

    As for 5 and 6: The one I think of with your journal is likely to be one I've seen the most of, which is not necessarily the most 'you' one, however.

    5. The sundial, strangely, possibly due to context. Coins and signs also come to mind. And the selfportrait photo.
    6. ATM, frog, but clue fairy and bowie angsting and hehehee come to mind.
    • I generally only use this icon for situations where I'm responding to someone who's very right- or is making a royal pain of themselves.
  • Favorite: keyangst always makes me grin. sod off: I'm drinking sake and The Clue Fairy are closely tied for second though. Not entirely certain why.

    Least fav: Uhhh. Don't really have one.

    Context: You've covered them in previous responses.

    Never noticed: quitcherbitchen, bored now, the grin reaper, Gloomy the Naughty Adult Bear

    When I think of your journal: snakey
    • yeah- snakey is the icon I always wanted for this journal name, and now? everybody thinks of it. :)
  • 1. I like the snake the best. It's very green.
    2. The Baron, just because.
    3. The Greek coins...
    4. There were several I'd never seen before. Freak Sale, for one.
    5. The snake, because it's green :) Also, the sake one.
  • oh great, now non-quick comments DON'T WORK

    Augh so many, I guess my favourite to look at is the fog and bridge.

    The Baron makes me cringe every time.

    Why those books in the bibliophilia icon?

    Hey, where did Gloomy the Naughty Adult Bear come from?

    Either the Snakey or the Bitey icon, since you used the latter a lot recently, or it just stood out.
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