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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

Amazon Follies Part the XXVIth

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

Amazon Follies Part the XXVIth

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mucha mosaic
Today I can buy, on discount, An OXO Steel Stainless Steel Asian Turner!

For those moments when a plastic turner won't do for your stainless steel Asians.

They're also recommending ladies' lingerie and perfume to me.
Dear Amazon:
Were you folks around when I ordered 'Gay Tales of the Samurai', 'Wonderbread & Ecstasy: the Life and Death of Joey Stefano', and of course the immortal 'ASSPOUNDING COCKMONGERS IV: DEEPER DOWN' from you?
You were?
Then why the hell do you think I'd want women's lingerie or women's perfume?
  • Uh, because you're a chick? DEFAULT.

    FULLY RANDOM! Dig that song. I wanna animate something to it.
    • *laugh*

      If I'm a chick, then the survival of the species is doomed, I tell you, dooooomed.
      • Re: *laugh*

        Well I thought they'd be the kind of books 'n' things that a chick would buy.
        • Re: *laugh*

          nope, there're also guys who buy literature about gay subjects, and gay porn.
    • And yeah- I love the song too. It's funny as hell. The whole album is, really. Just a bit of a black joke.
  • Because you'd look cute and smell good in them?
  • They seem to believe I'd be keen on books about the art of blacksmithing, Polo clothing, and camping equipment.

    It's not just you, honest.
  • Deeper Down really betrayed the spirit of the first three Asspound movies.
    • Yeah, they really went downhill after Asspounding Cockmongers III: Intercourse with the Umpire.
  • OMG you can get this in Target for $3

    Ahem. I mean, yes, what are they thinking, the fools...
  • Yeah, I keep getting recommendations from them in "Gay and Lesbian" because I have some Samuel Delany and Marilyn Hacker.

    Why the hell can't they be under "Good writers" instead? Being offered 'STRAPPING BUTT-PIRATES OF THE ANAL CARIBBEAN' isn't going to kill me, but it doesn't really follow.
    • *searches for +pirates +anal +caribbean under BOOKS*
    • I've noticed that with Delany too. And for god's sake why Andrew 'HELLO I COULD NOT WRITE MY WAY OUT OF A WET PAPER SACK THAT WAS TORN OPEN FIRST' Holleran?
      • Even if my cat had been in the sack first.

        Apparently, they think you're a girl who writes slash.
  • You know, I really don't imagine you'd actually be the first gay guy who wanted womens lingerie. ;)
  • A Stainless Steel Asian Turner.

    I can't even *begin* to comment on that one.
    • OMG I haven't seen you in years, remember when we used to hang out with Eileen?
  • Damnit! I was going to get you gay samurai for your birthday!
  • Did you, perchance, order Eddie Izzard's anything from Amazon? ;)
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