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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

weird dream of cats, redshrike, and YAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

weird dream of cats, redshrike, and YAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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mucha mosaic
So first and foremost- this dream was like the second dream last night. But the first is forgotten save that it was some sort of police/detective thing, and involved a non-existent chunk of the city.
I was somehow at redshrike's house, which was guest-starring two cats. One was named Toby, I can't remember the other's Proper name, but it was also a man's name. I was presented with the imperative of adopting these cats, who weren't redshrike's cats- she was like, hosting them for the ASPCA or something.
They were very cute cats- and they were very forgiving, even after I caught one of their paws under a door and left this smear of what I thought was something like ash or something under the door- though it was, in fact, the hair that had been yanked out of the poor thing's paw.
They both had boy names because they had been named boy names by the man who raised them from kittens. See, they identified as boys, because that's what cats do when they're raised by someone. They imprint on the parent who raises them and assume his or her gender identity. In the manner of dreams, this made perfect sense. As did the statement from redshrike of 'they both lift their legs to pee. And they both think Wednesday is the day you're supposed to do business'.
Yeah. Somehow that made sense.

However, Toby and her sister would have nothing to do with the very large hamster cage that was being used for transporting them from chez redshrike to my house (which was in the opposite direction from where it is in the real world): they kept trying to wriggle out of it. And succeeding.
So I and redshrike finally gave up on the cage, around the gas station, and carried the cats.
And that seemed to make them happy. They were quite content with that. Then redshrike showed me something surprising about the cat she was carrying.
She said to it "Okay, Sheila, go for it!"
--and the cat sat up in her arms, forepaws on her shoulder, looked at me and screamed







This was, actually, completely non-terrifying. It was actually screamingly funny- and we did it a few times in the parking lot of the Shell station, both of us. Giggling madly, as the cat would scream- then curl up against your throat as if to say she was pleased that you were amused by her screaming.
Then I woke up. There was nothing discernable as the sound mistaken, in sleep, for the cat screaming.
  • huh!

    the only connection i have found so far between the names "toby" (which i have always thought would make a nice cat name, and which reminds me of toby jugs, seen in museum store catalogs) and "sheila" (which has never struck me as a particularly cat-suited name, but i guess it'd depend on the cat, you know) is that toby ziegler is played by richard schiff, who is married to sheila kelley.

    as for the turning-around, that happens often to our 'hood in my dreams. things get placed differently, over there, but it all feels perfectly natural.

    i'm sorry about the wake-up, but really, wouldn't it be sort of cool if i knew a cat who could scream like that on command?
    • added a couple of details to the dream. It was really weird, and actually, really endearing.
      • i can see us doing this, and i am laughing right now at the thought, sort of guiltily: even though i know you said it was something the cat liked to do, geez but that would be an annoyance to have someone doing in your neighborhood. heh.

        sort of reminds me of the guilt i associate with laughing my ass off at my cat when she gets her head stuck in a paper bag, or runs around the house in a panic with a plastic shopping bag snagged on her neck. or (and this is so bad that i swear i only saw it done once, and i didn't do it myself, i just didn't stop it being done) the experiment/trick where sticking a piece of scotch tape on a cat's belly-, back-, or flank-fur will make him walk all funny.
  • There's no "p" in "hamster". I thought you'd want to know.
  • Ask not for whom the cat yodels...She yodels for THEE.
  • *teeee-hee-hee-heeeeeee*
    You have some of the best dreams.
  • Strange symmerty

    This is weird ..... Myself and another person on my friends list also posted about strange dreams we had last night.

    Very creepy. Though if anyone reads mine keep in mind that bad spelling is a form of art and I am very tired and not a very good typist to boot. I think hamster might actually have a 'p' afterall.

  • the oddest dreams are the ones best remembered. YAAAAAAAA!
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