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So I'm horrible.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

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So I'm horrible.

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keyangst (photo by Bruce Sterling)
Yes, I'm terrible.
I read this and I think 'let's see. Early July the threat's announced, that gives Bush 2 months to dig up the Mysterious Osama bin Laden just in time for an October Surprise'.

And I can't help but wonder if that's really '2 months to end the guy's Club Med vacation and "kill" him'. OoooOOOOooooh. I'm Tom Ridge, Secretary of the Department of Boys Who Cry 'Wolf'! Fucking absurd.
  • I rather liked the NYTimes version
    , which (okay, maybe it's me reading wishfully between the lines) seems to indicate a reporter which is bloody sick and tired of writing about vague generalities that might be skeeeeery ooooky terrorists, eek!

    Eh, they were planning to unwrap bin Laden in October anyway, I'm sure. This is probably a feeble attempt to scare away voters or something.
  • And because I feel snarky:

    You know, if the Republicans weren't so damned moral about cloning, they could have cloned a reasoonable facsimile of Laden to kill off on TV by now.

    Hey, that's it. If they get desperate, they can 'capture' a good look-alike, parade him around, try him for something in some court or other, get rid of him artistically, and claim the real one still broadcasting was a fake. I suppose other people's less obedient intelligence agencies might blow the whistle on that plan, though. Darn.
  • The horrible truth is that when I read this, my first reaction was, "fucking hell, they're gonna nuke Boston and take out the whole Democratic party. This is just to prepare people for the shock and to cover their asses later."

    I don't think I need to tell you who "they" were, in my mind. Not Al Qaeda.

    As for the October Surprise, try on a July Surprise for size. Check out this article from New Republic yesterday. I was unsure about it since the sources were vague, but Scott McClellan's official response yesterday was so dismissive and rhetorical I thought, you know, this really does smack of *exactly* the kind of thing Republicans do all the time.

    Dark days, indeed.
    • (no subject) -
      • I seriously doubt it's gonna go down like that. I just hate the fact that these assholes have raised my stress levels to the point that it's just that easy to send me into this kind of insane panic.

        I think Boston's gonna be okay - 2/3 of the GOP have kids going to college there ;)
        • sfx: dramatic music

          2/3 of the GOP have kids going to college there

          ...during the summer?
          • Re: sfx: dramatic music

            2/3 of the GOP have kids going to college there

            ...during the summer?

            ... My... God. They're really going to do it!


            Goddammit. Stop messing with me :P
  • I read the same thing and thought the same thing.

    Then I thought "or better, they'll just let it happen and ride the wave of fear into four more years."

    Then I had the thought that bothered me most, which is that they wouldn't even have to do either of these two things...Just talking about terrorism and threats, with the continued violence abroad, might be sufficient to frighten America into putting a moron into office for a second term.

    No need for expensive, scandelous strikes and movements when vague implications of danger will suffice, after all.
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