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mucha mosaic
The Center for Disease Control apparently plans to reduce or eliminate funding to programs on HIV education that include education about condom use.
Yep. Let's control this disease by de-emphasizing a means of controlling the disease that has been on the open market since 1740. That's really smart, isn't it?
The CDC is accepting public comment on the matter until August 16. If you are so moved, you might send them an email at HIVComments@cdc.gov.

Halfinched this off of ecr.

  • pef! We have to get the Bush out of office. Only a couple more weeks to contribute to the Kerry champaign.

    ANYHOW. Now I get on my American Heart Ass. soapbox: Everyone is more likely to die of the flu or heart disease.

    but I am preaching to the choir on that aren't I?
    • How did you know I have had a stomach bug all week.

      • well thanks to our APM system... (Advanced Patient Management)
        no.... that is for pacemakers, and is still in development

        I don't even know what brand of stent you have DAMN IT!!!
        • ...are you saying I'm not advanced?

          • I am just saying we can't monitor stents.
            even if you had one of ours.

            but I don't know that. I just assume that with 45% of the market at the time of your implant you probably have one of ours. and not the evil empires ;-)

            -Zoe, we get all mushy over our patients. hang your pictures in the halls and crap.
    • Everyone is more likely to die of the flu or heart disease.

      Not the ones infected with HIV, actually. They're more likely to die of AIDS.

      The 1740 condoms aren't any good for the purpose, by the way - lamb's membrane is permeable to the virus. Use latex rubber for protection.

      We doctors, and we epidemiologists, are pretty pissed about this, but there's not much we can do; CDC is a federal agency run with federal funds and the executive branch can pretty well cut those off if they don't toe the line.

      • yeah, and for the ones with HIV i don't think the condoms are going to do a damn bit of good ;-b

        -Zoe, ready to go dig up the stats about how the CDC spends it's cash on heart disease vs. AIDS
        • Right. Those people don't need to use condoms during sex, because they're already infected. You're making more and more sense.

          Why not skip all this disease funding and just give money to gunmen to shoot stupid people in the head?
      • So what I'm getting here is that we all three think that the CDC would be smart to say 1: here, HAVE SOME GODDAMNED CONDOMS, YOU GIT, and 2: STOP EATING LIKE THAT, IT'LL FUCKING KILL YOU.

        Order is probably less than important?

        • oooh and let our tax dollars go to something useful? that would be like putting more money into education than the prison system.

          next thing you are going to suggest that pe in the schools teach kids how to exercise for life, and to like it.... not as a hazing forum.

      • oh




        you are the one who started with the smart ass comments about people with HIV dying of heart attacks or flu.....

        you can only dish the shit, you can't take it eh?
  • This is not about HIV/AIDS.

    This is about Syphilis.

    After 500 years, that dark and terrible seed of the Aztec Empire has begun to take root. Across the globe, ten billion spirochetes burrow hooked claws deep into the forebrains of one billion people, a deluge of information - linguistic, religious, cultural - flowing into them with a burst of blinding, white light.

    Mark my words, son. Mark my words.

    This is the Dawning of the Age of Obsidian.

    And it is far, far too late to stop.
  • I believe (I'll have to dig out my links) federal funds is being yanked from anywhere (or at least a large part of anywhere) that suggests that there is an alternative to abstinence for birth control/stopping STDs; naturally the CDC has to toe the line.

    Of course, (and I'll have to check for confirmation) that means not just the CDC has stopped telling people about condoms, but so have an awful lot of other organisations around America.

    On the subject of funds though - are Americans aware that the 'Silver Ring thing' (a weird group of people who preach abstinence until marriage and ask you to buy a silver ring to seal your pledge) has reached British shores - at American expense? Yup, the American tax payer is paying for a group of people to be ignored by promiscuous Europeans.
  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3699851.stm

    This link might help. (Good old Auntie)
  • Sent message. Now I have to give out condom information while I'm registering folks to vote.
    I truely hate these people.
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