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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

If I ever produce such whining, please slap me.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

If I ever produce such whining, please slap me.

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mucha mosaic
That is all.
  • Your hyperlink code reads: <a hhref="http://www.craigslist.org/sfc/rnr/35055737.html"> (note the doubled H), so it doesn't actually go anywhere (at least in Mozilla). Feel free to delete this comment once it's fixed.

    HTH. HAND. <g>
  • The only whining I saw was at the end, in the "I'm tired of my waves going unanswered even by other scooter riders." But I saw a lot fo crack-smoking before that. Excuse me, you think chicks will flock to you and men will envy you if you're riding a frigging Vespa? Not this guy, pard. And I don't think feyandstrange will bee drooling over any scooter-riders, either. She remembers the mod-vs-rocker wars of '60s England even better than I do, and we black-leather-jacket-wearing types tend to consider ourselves pretty solidly on the side of the rockers. (Plus, consider the kind of music she listens to.)

    For me, it's a simple categorization issue: a scooter is not a motorcycle. That's why we call them "scooters", rather than "motorcycles". Motorcycles are big and powerful and go vroom. Scooters are small and wimpy and go "bzzzzzzzt".

    If you want the respect that comes with having a motorcycle, then get a friggin' motorcycle already But don't expect me to buy into your crack-smoking pipe-dreams when all you have is a scooter.
    • I know some people with actual motorcycles who refer to them as scooters, as in, "I'm gonna go take my scooter for a spin," said by a guy who intends to walk out to the garage and get on his Hayabusa. Maybe references like this are what confuse the actual-scooter-riding people and give them ideas above their station.
    • The part that boggles me about this guy's whining is exactly what you point out as noticing yourself; 'waaah they do not wave back'. Christ, maybe they have other things to do than wave at you. I know I would. Though the 'waaah my scooter doesn't get me as much recognition as other people's scooters even' wail also annoys me. I love the fictional universe he lives in where a 150cc scooter is a FAR MORE RESPECTWORTHY THING than a 50cc one. Not in my experience.

      She remembers the mod-vs-rocker wars of '60s England even better than I do
      I didn't know that either of you would remember something that was ended before I was born. Impressive!
      • I'll wave to you...

        ...as I'm doing circles around you ;)
      • Not to dredge up old news, but I only just now got the LJ comment notification. Oy.

        In re: remembering stuff from before our births; wouldn't you agree that it's a good thing to remember history? I mean, we certainly haven't forgotten about these things, so "remember" seems an appropriate word.

        How about, "we remember that these things occurred", even if we didn't witness them ourselves?
  • bile

    To us bicyclists, all you knuckleheads in motor vehicles are the same. Wave at people? We're too busy trying not to get run over by your dumb asses.

    And to us slob bicyclists, all you spandex-wearing clip-on bike shoe pantywaists are the scum of the earth. Unlike the peacocklike dilletantes who inhabit places like Chain Reaction and The Off Ramp, some of us use a bicycle for actual transportation.
  • I was fantastically annoyed to learn that scooters are hardly any less dangerous than motorcycles, which pretty much did for any interest I had in them. If I get a motor vehicle, it's going to be, as Max put it, a big metal car.
  • I just wanted to comment on the dancing Eddie Izzard icon.

    There is no limit to how cool it is.
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