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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic


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mucha mosaic
This bike, which was found in Europe, by desl, on a vacation, is required.
It is the black one in this photograph (machen mit der clicken)- the one in front.
Yes. I need one. It is the most perfect scooter ever. This scooter calls to me. Can you hear it? It's saying "colubra... Yo! colubra! You need me. You need to make your life one with mine".
Who would I be to argue?
There are more pictures here, here, here, here, and here.
There are several colors that it was originally produced in. I require a black one.

My birthday is in about 3 months.
Get to work.
  • Lovely bike! But could I ask you to make the picture smaller so it doesn't stretch out the text on my Friends page?
    • same effect, different means.

      I am lazy and did not resize- however, I have put it behind an <a href="OMFGtehbikewhatisOBSCENELYHOT.jpg"> tag.
      Thanks for letting me know it was dinkin' witcher page!
  • Well...

    Let's compromise,
    how about a Chafing dish with alot of side mirrors ala "Quadrophenia"??
    • Re: Well...

      you can figure out who's owning buying it for me and chip in what you'd've chipped in on the chafing dish.
      I WILL have this. I have even lined up people in Britain who would likely be willing to be used-scooter-buyers for me.
      • Re: Well...

        My brother Darrin Customises scooters,he used to live in the bay area..he always had some rusting Vespa's or Lambrettas around he was working on.
  • Everybody ride!

    So it would appear that I am going to be riding one of these in the near future:

    Skorpion Tour

    Very pretty blue. A slightly more interesting angle is this:

    Orange Skorpion

    So if you're going scooter and I'm going biker, does that mean we have to get together at a beach and fight?
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