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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

I like oc-to-pus, I like oc-to-pus

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

I like oc-to-pus, I like oc-to-pus

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mucha mosaic
I like oc-to-pus, except when they are red.

They're so freaking strange.
What do I mean? well...
They have favored arms, for openers.

That is somehow unexpected, yet at the same time perfectly reasonable, yet... weird.
  • Is that title and first line supposed to scan to "Here Comes Santa Claus"? The third 'I like octopus' doesn't fit.

    And that is an interesting factoid.
    • It's to the tune of the Monty Python song 'I Like Traffic Lights', off of their Contractual Obligation album.
  • What bugs me about this article is that it doesn't say a damn thing about whether the dominant arm has anything to do with the 'mating arm', which some octopuses have and some don't; it's an arm with a specialized bit for swapping spermy packages around.

    There is a super-weird deep-sea octopus that appears to only HAVE one eye; it's less-dominant eye has turned into something like an oyster eye. Now that's weird.

    Octopuses are soooo cooool!
  • there is nothing reasonable about octopi. they'll suck your soul out and steal your lunch money as quick as they'd look you in the eye! fuckers.
  • That's it

    While tasty,
    octopus are officially too smart to eat.
  • I love octopi.

    A very interesting article from a few years ago demonstrated that octopi who lost 6 arms (surgically removed at birth), retaining only 2, showed extreme orders of magnitude more manual dexterity with the remaining two. They could do things on the order of manipulating a Rubik's cube type object in particular ways to obtain a food reward.

    Apparently there isn't enough octopus brain to control all 8 of the heavily-innervated arms in such a way as to maximize all of their dexterity; but the young octopus, like the infant, is plastic and will adapt.

    Also, there's a restaurant in Soho called 'Peasant' which serves 'octopus da diavolo'; The octopus is simmered in a clay pot in a wood oven, with white wine, spicy peppers, a touch of balsamic vinegar, and some other Italiany stuff. It's friggin' the most delicious thing ever, plus it comes to the table looking TOTALLY like hentai. I've grossed out several dates enough with it that I got to eat the whole thing guilt-free.

    Christ, I am so weird.
    • I love 'em too. And I only used 'oc-to-pus' because it scanned better in the meter, to my ear.

      They are delightful.
      Ages back, in my journal (I THINK even before you were on my friendslist) I posted a bit of film footage of an octopus being startled and going from blend-into-the-background color to bright red, and jetting off. It's genuinely a 'woah that CANNOT be without CGI' kind of effect.
    • This is now noted as something I MUST do when I get to New York. There is no choice.
  • ¡Viva el Pulpo!
    • for some reason I had completely forgotten I had a more proper icon for this post. Thank you for reminding me.
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