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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

used books bearing gifts.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

used books bearing gifts.

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So a while back I found that I had been paid $293 to take a book out of a bookstore. This was very cool.
Today, I'm reading through an old LeGuin hardcover from '79 that I got used and found a MUNI fast pass in it- probably somebody's bookmark.
from 1980.
Wow, you'd never even believe this thing was a bus pass.
  • Wow. I always wondered how much it was you'd found in the book. I'm guessing $300 and you paid $7 for the book, now?
  • Why, is it just a one-color print on regular stock that says 'Bus Pass' on it? You should scan it.
    • yeah, though it does have a skinny magnetic strip on it. I intend to scan it, no question.
  • Wait... you just found $300 cash in a book? What bookstore do you SHOP at???

    *grin* It's like the old academic standby: author puts a $50 bill in a copy of his/her dissertation, and leaves it there on the library shelf, hoping someone will actually find it years later...
    • a used bookstore in Phoenix, this was.
      I was very very lucky. ;)
      • *blink* In Phoenix? Pity, I'd have suggested having coffee with you, if I'd known you were in town. *grin*

        Now you have to tell me which bookstore...

        And what did you spend your newfound treasure on? (more books?)
        • Didn't know that's where you were. ;) Bookman's is the name of it- there's a couple of 'em, apparently; the one that's next door to a comics shop. And I'm taking the money to Vegas to gamble with.
          • *grin* Well, now you know. Next time you're out here, drop me an email.

            I was going to guess either Bookman's or Changing Hands. (Both favorites.) May your lucky streak continue for a long run! :D

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