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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

posters.com does not suck.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

posters.com does not suck.

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mucha mosaic
So a while back I posted about how excited I was to buy this poster I'd wanted for years.

A bit less back, I posted about how disappointed I was in the quality of it.

Well, posters.com had another version. I delayedly returned the one I had- and the other version went on sale for 25% off-- making it the same price- exactly- as the one I returned.

The new one?

Overall, the experience was a winner, save for that about 24 hours of '...bah!' while looking at the inadequate less faithful reproduction.

Now to find an antiqued-bronze frame with some verdigris highlights. Any suggestions of a framing shop, folks? I'm going to hit the one on Haight @ Clayton already.
  • oh, excellent! I'm so glad you found it. Let me know which of the posters is the good one, just in case.

    If all else fails, buy the right frame in the wrong color and paint it, or have it painted. I believe Pearl art has these lovely little kits of paint for such things.

    I should really get mine framed, when spare cash permits and all.
  • dunno how much you wanna spend on a frame, but i'm fond of Cheap Pete's out on Geary; they'll set you up to do the work at home with everything you need, or do it for you in the shop for a reasonable price. i buy all my frames there nowadays.
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