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in a web of glass, pinned to the edges of vision

...I worry about how my brain works, sometimes.

I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte

mucha mosaic

...I worry about how my brain works, sometimes.

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mucha mosaic
So I just opened a Dove chocolate nibbly thingy. They're called 'Dark Promises'. I ate it. It was very good dark chocolate.
I find on the inside of the wrapper that they place inspirational statements: this one says 'Live your dreams.'
And I think to myself 'they don't mean the dream about the clawed things with heads like bloody flayed-and-flensed crows' skulls, and a fetish for alphabetizing other people's body parts...
...or do they?'
  • Your music choice prompts me to mention that I just finished listening to Louder Than Bombs, thanks to all the Smiths quotes you've put into your customizations.
  • Okay, first off, I think Dove wouldn't mind you living that dream, as long as they didn't get the ultimate blame or lawsuits.

    Secondly - I've had a very similar dream, which worries me more than Dove exhorting us to live it. I want to know why you and I are having dreams about claw-handed things with heads like plucked crows who alphabetize other people's body parts.

    That's what worries me more.
    • Do your claw-handed birdhead people have a cabinet in which they place these parts as they remove them, while cooing to each other about it?
      And do you find your viewpoint changing from 1st-person-victim to 3rd-person-observer a lot in them?
      • Okay, my viewpoint often changes during my dreams, from first person to third person, so we have that much in common.

        My bird-headed torturers, however, do not have a cabinet they use to store body parts - they have a rather elaborate filing system set up in the basement, which has sort of a morgue-like setting to it.

        So - the dreams aren't that similar, it seems. But it is odd that similar elements are present, I think....
        • yeah- mine have sort of a rolling antique apothecary's cabinet, with drawers that have faces about 4" high and 4" wide on the outside, and are something like 2' deep when you go to put something in them.
  • Well, they are called Dark Promises.
    • You beat me. This is exactly what I was going to say.

      Except that I was going to bold 'Dark' rather than 'are'. ;)
  • Yes. Yes, they do. So start alphabetizing. :)
  • don't dream it, be it

    I'm with dirtymonkey on this one. Live it and then sue DOVE for damages.
  • I just snorted Diet Vanilla Coke through my nose.

    Thank you :)
  • you just reminded me that i have a very small square of deliciously sour scharfenberger in my bag.

  • I think you should e-mail their customer service and ask! Remember how much we loved whacky letters at work - share the joy!

    Clearly I need some of these Dove bits.

    Also, clearly I should avoid you if this alphabetizing thing involves removal of my body parts.
    • What, it was a nightmare. Recently I had nightmares about peeling my skin off up to the elbow, and I didn't even TRY to do it.
  • Every now and then you remind me of why - of - ... it is darkly eluding me. It has someting to do with how you use 'nibbly' in one sentence and 'bloody flesh-plucked crows's skulls and a fetish for alphabetizing other people's body parts' in near proximity. :P
    • Every now and then you remind me of why - of - ... it is darkly eluding me.
      Of why you find me creepy as fuck, perhaps?
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    You win.

    This is going to have me giggling helplessly for a good chunk of the remainder of the night.
  • If it were me, I be wondering...

    if it's the one where I have to dispose of the body of a guy I just killed using only things I can find in somebody's bathroom. (A problem that's come up more than once in my sleep).

    I'd hope they mean the one I had last night about the LOTR pool party and not the one with the zombies in the swamp.
  • I absolutely adore the way your mind works.
  • Incidentally: what brand of phone do you have, again? Totally off-topic, I know.
    • Samsung, the OMFGSUCKTASTIC740, if memory serves about the model #. It's some PoS that they only distribute to Verizon.
      • Suxor. I have a couple of extra car chargers that we had to write off 'cause people returned bundle packs of earpieces and car chargers open, y'know, so the car chargers are fine, but we can't resell 'em, and I was hoping it'd be something, you know, that I had a car charger for.

        Ah well. I tried.
        • and it was very kind of you to try. Thank you! I have all the widgetery that goes with the phone already, for future reference. Odds seem high we'll be trading phone service within the year anyways- there is SHIT reception for Verizon where I live.

          'Can you hear me now? Good!' --notice that the little fucker doesn't wait for an answer between those two sentences?
          • Well, when you get new phone service -- if you do -- let me know what you get and if you need any widgets. If we have to write anything off, I'll distribute it accordingly. :)
  • All this talk of Dove chocolate reminds me of a saying my sister and her friends had back in college:

    "If you can't get dick, get Dove."

    Thank you, thank you. I'm here all week.
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