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So what's your opinion, Gentle Reader?

Today, docbrite wrote:

Chris and I have been Tivoing (ooo, one of those weird-looking 21st-century verbs) old episodes of The Carol Burnett Show to watch when he gets home at night, mostly because we're both huge Tim Conway fans. Last night's episode guest-starred Joel Grey, and I remembered how much I love him. "Joel Grey got me through some bad years, man," I said, then contemplated how few people can probably make that specific statement about their adolescence.

I found this statement intriguing given that docbrite's extremely whacked dark-fantasy first novel, Lost Souls, got me through a rather tough period in my own life, and despite the fact that I know it's hardly a glowing beacon of mental health and coherence, I will treasure that book forever (WARNING: do not click the preceding link if you want to maintain your mental image of me as a tough guy- or if you don't feel like getting maybe a bit sniffly; it's a very maudlin past entry).

So this got me to thinking.
Who or what's your unexpected icon or touchstone? Did Jamie Farr teach you that it was okay to do crazy things to get out of crazy situations, on M*A*S*H? Did John LaRoquette, on Night Court, show you that it was reasonable to be a complete slimeball, in some situations?

Who or what taught you the life lesson that nobody would expect?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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